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Half an eighth

First time seeing 3rd dimension hallucinations

My acid dealer was dry and randomly said he had shrooms so I was definitely down because I done shrooms once before and it was great. My friend bought the eighth and we split it around 11:30pm, we have school the very next day. We wrap them in a fruit roll up and ate them. He smoked a bowl right after and I would have but I have an up coming drug test. 20 minutes in I'm already very very limp just like my first mushroom trip. 40 minutes later we just sit around my computer watching music videos and a VICE video laughing our asses off (Getting high with Antwaun Dixon), they were all super duper trippy, lots of kaleidoscope effects and tracers but not much color intensity. After watching those videos I was feeling the effects really hard. I remembered from my first trip that when I would close my eyes I'd see a spiral right in the middle of my sight and felt like I was falling in to it, it wasn't like a 3rd dimension spiral, just a plain flat moving spiral you'd see on youtube in a trippy video. So I had a beanie on and I slid it over my eyes and I was seeing like a 3D molecule looking atom forming with rainbows zooming by it. I stared at it while it was changing colors for about 2 minutes and I told my friend it was like the movie Enter the Void where a guy hits DMT and sees crazy looking static things just floating in his room, but not exactly how mine was, mine was way more colorful. So after I seen that I told my friend to close his eyes and he would only for a couple seconds, I'm guessing he wasn't seeing the same. A few minutes after hitting vape clouds and talking it was around 1:30am he wanted to leave because it was late, he had to drive home (a couple miles), it wasn't his first time while tripping but he was super fucked, right when he got in to his car he texted me saying "this is fucked" and he drove off. I texted him saying don't drive but he did anyways. So now I'm alone in my room fucking done for. I laid in my bed looking at my phone for about ten minutes, he then texted me saying he was home. Now I'm on my bed with my beanie still on and I lay on my back and slide it over my eyes. I'm completely numb and feel like I'm inside my bed, my black vision instantly morphs into like a hollow rubiks cube and all of the rainbow colors continue to constantly fly by, I was so amazed, because I was like in my head saying "my eyes are closed and I see colors, this is fucking AWESOME." Then it was morphing into like a room in a video game with colors zooming by still, and when ever I'd peak out of my beanie just a little bit it looked like my room was water colored. I laid there for an entire hour just staring into the craziest shit I've ever seen tripping on acid or shrooms. The whole time I was staring with my eyes closed at this stuff it was all 3D I would sit up a couple times to see if it would like change what it was like if it were glasses, nope, it was right there in front of my face. 

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