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Miprocin, the mushroom's dumber cousin

My meaningless, but powerful encounter with an analogue of psilocin

I recently stumbled upon an online source for the only research chemicals that I have any interest in- the 4 substituted tryptamines. I had never ordered RC's and probably never will again, but it was just  too tempting upon reading several trip reports online, so I ordered 100mg of 4-ho-mipt (miprocin). Upon arrival at my place, I measured out 25mg of the substance and placed it in a small bottle of juice and immediately drank it all down. Arguably this is a kind of high dose for a first time experiment, but tryptamines excite me(lol) so I went for it. 
Setting: in my room at night
Past psychedelic use: pretty basic- 2 mushroom trips, about 15 DMT trips, one LSD trip. Mushrooms definitely take the cake for me. In my 2 experiences with them I have had nothing but beautiful, meaningful experiences. I love love love them, so was eager to try this easily available alternative.

Upon ingesting the dosed out juice, I retired to my bed and began reading my favorite section of the archaic revival by Mckenna. His writing always gets me in an adventurous state of mind perfect for psychedelic trips. I made it through 2 pages and then began to have a very hard time reading. At about the 5 minute mark I was already seeing more than subtle visual flowing and this was affecting my ability to follow the lines on the pages. I felt a rush of energy and could tell it was coming on hard. I remained at this state for about 15 more minutes and then right around the 20 minute mark, things really picked up. Visuals gained momentum and by the 30 minute mark, everything was moving greatly. I couldn't even recognize my room. I did notice the visuals were very similar to mushroom visuals. These would kind of surge for a few minutes and then mellow out. I turned out all the lights and let it all play out in the dark. Mild hallucinations were experienced (by hallucination I am referring to encounters with alien landscapes, not just alterations in my visual/mental fields).  It was very powerful, but I noticed something very odd....the whole trip seemed completely 'empty' and meaningless. I had typical psychedelic thought processes, but it seemed to completely lack that alien intelligence the mushrooms seem to embody so strongly. This disappointed me quite a bit, but I made the most of the experience by listening to some healing music and trying to peacefully evaluate everything that I was experiencing.
After 2 hours in this state, things mellowed out a lot. I was no longer in a chaotic psychedelic visual world, but rather just a stoned, static mindset. I felt very high and things absolutely looked more vibrant and took on some patterns but I almost convinced myself at one point that I was no longer tripping. I was, but it was very mild and it made me feel kind of dumb. For the next 6 hours I tried to sleep but was absolutely unable to. I was very restless and ended up watching some youtube videos of speeches by Alan Watts and listening to psych bass music. The music took on a very psychedelic and deep nature and was very enjoyable but without it, things were quite drab. I haven't experienced this with mushrooms. 
I finally got to sleep after 8 hours and woke up the next day still feeling very stoned and hungover. I had a pretty disturbing headache and felt a little drained from the meaningless trip. This is completely the opposite the day afters of using mushrooms, which leave me feeling rejuvenated and at peace. I actually wished I had not taken the stuff. I am probably done with research chemicals after this. What guys like Mckenna preached so passionately, that it's the vegetable that counts, really does seem to be true. Mushrooms seem to have two characteristics- the chemical and the spiritual and without the spiritual, all it is is a chemical journey or drug experience. I think I'll stick with the fantastic fungi 

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