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Screw Synthetic MJ

First time, heavier hallucinations than any other substance I've ever encountered.

It has been about 9 years since this trip, but I remember it as clearly as if it had happened last night. It was the first and only time I have ever experienced full open eye visuals that had little to no relevence to the world around me. I believe it was a JWH derivitive, but I cannot be certain.

It was a relaxed setting. Three buddies and I were out in the woods at night behind a house one of them lived at, sitting on some of those reclining pool chairs. I was young and dumb, smoking out of a bent in Monster Energy can. I didn't feel anything for the first four hits, so I stupidly kept taking bigger and bigger hits. When my friend passed me the can to take a fifth hit, the shit hit the fan. In a blink of an eye, everything in the world faded to black except for him. He stood up and slowly started to turn green and bulk up like the Hulk, but once he hit full size, blood started to flow from every part of his body. It was coming out as sweat, streaming out of his eyes, openly flowing from his nose, mouth, and ears, until he was nothing but blood. As fast as this hallucination started, it ended and he was back to sitting beside me trying to pass me the can. I took the can and had another hit, because I have a big dick. I went to pass it to my friend on my left when the same fade to black thing happened. I watched him stand and procede to laugh the most evil and cynical laugh I've ever heard. Slowly, I watched as his skin started to turn colors and break open, rotting on his bones till it started to fall to the earth. His flesh sunk into the soil, where a tree started to grow at an extememly fast rate. When it was done, it was a 25 foot tall weeping willow. At about this time fog started to roll in behind him and the tree, with gravestones appearing in the distance. He gave me one last laugh, then proceded to rip of his appendages one by one, hanging them on nooses created by rope like limbs of the tree beside him. Then, again, as fast as it started, it ended, and I was back to sitting with my friends, with my buddy on my left asking why I wouldn't let go of the can (apparently he had been trying to take it while I was in this hellish trip lol). Around this time I told everyone that I felt the need to go inside, mainly because fuck mosquitoes and uncomfortable chairs. I stood up to lead the pack back, but all the blood rushed from my head and created another hallucination. I was in a trench surrounded by dead bodies. I looked up over the edge to see barbed wire and an open field beyond, with people shooting from an opposing trench. At that time a man who appeared to be of Asain heritage came running across no-mans-land. He took a knee and promptly shot me in the head, which caused me to fall backwards. Back to reality, I'm lying in the pool chair again, with my friends asking if I am alright because I had just stood up and collapsed back down. I told them I was fine but still wanted to go inside. I blinked, and they were all gone. They had left me deep within the forest by myself. I started to hear things all around me, see things ducking into the shaddows every time i tried to get a good look at them. I pulled out my knife about the same time I saw what was making these noises. They were tribal pigmy people, about a foot tall, brandishing small knives and spears, obiously on the hunt. This is the only point I do not fully remember. I somehow made it out of the forest. The next day we went and looked and I had apparently hacked away at several small trees with a dull butterfly knife. But, back to that night. I had made it through the forest, but there was still a pool in between me and the house. Don't ask me why, but my only idea as to how to pass it was to walk out onto the diving board and slowly try to walk across the water like Jesus. After about five minutes of doing so I finally realized that I could just walk around the pool. I entered the house to see my friends watching Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I had never seen before. I came to the conclusion that I was just hallucinating about transvestite vampires for some reason. I decided to lie down on the bottom bunk of my friends bunk bed. I got really comfortable, but then decided that I wanted to talk to my friends, so I attempted to sit up. As much as I tried I couldn't seem to sit up. In a split second, I found myself looking down at my body from the top corner of the room. I thought, "Well, at least I can see why I can't sit up...". I tried with all my might to control my body, considering I wasn't currently in it. I saw my back lift off of the bed about an inch, but there seemed to be some sort of muscle connecting my back to the bed. I sat up with more and more force, stretching and eventually ripping the muscle. Blood started to flow onto the bed and shoot across the walls, making all my friends stand and start screaming. My friend's mom runs in hearing them and starts screaming herself, and pulls out her phone and starts to talk to a police dispatcher asking for an ambulance. At this time I popped back into my body, fully sitting up, but my friends were back to sitting down, as calm as can be, watching tv. No blood, no screaming, no panicing mothers calling 911. I sat and looked at my friends for a few moments, taking in that everything I had witnessed was a hallucination. Then I saw that none of them had any joints in their bodies. There was literally a three inch gap where there should be their necks, elbows, wrists, hips, etc. with five strings coming up from them as if they were puppets. I looked up to see the ceiling was gone, and instead was a giant white hand with a string connected to every finger for each person. Once the hands realized that I could see them, they released the strings and vanished. In doing so, my friends fell to heaps on the ground. Slowly, these strings started to move on their own accord, forming into a web on the opposing wall from me. The fallen bodies of my friends started to shake, then bolted up to their hands and feet, with their backs to the ground, but their heads turned 180 degrees to where they could look at me correctly. They then started to crawl upon the web made by the strings like spiders while all staring at me... Then, back to reality. They are all sitting exactly as they were, still steady watching tv. At this time, I feel that I've become extrememly nauseous, so I run outside and puked. I walk back inside, got some water, went and layed back down, and fell asleep. Thus cuncludes my first, and only, full fledged trip. Hope you've enjoyed reading :) 


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