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Artistic or Autistic


Aiight... I've done many psychedelics over the past two years. Mushrooms about 5 times and lsd maybe 55 times. I'd have to say my 4th trip on mushrooms was by far the most elite experiance of my life. I can't really recall in what order the events took place but I'll try (this was about 5 months ago). :::It started off the day before, a Sunday, when myself and my friend/ dealer were out searchin' for some of our lil' fungi friends. Well, the day before went by with no adu. But as soon as I got home from school the next day a jingle did ring my phone. "Got $15?" "Yea." "Wanna go half on those things you drew?" (I drew him a tattoo for him to get of all these shrooms, and his phone may be tapped). All in all I went over to the guy's house, picked out the fattest eighth he had and went back over to a mutual friend's where Rob, Brad, Mike, myself, and our shroom guy Jeff (who decided to follow and shroom w/ us) were all vegatatin'. I jus' shoveled my half (which was about 8 stems and 6 caps) into my mouth, chewed and washed it down w/ some O.J. w/ all the powder from the bag in it. Needless to say, within' 15 minutes I was already noticing that it appeared things were meltin' like sno-cones onto the floor (TV, guitar Amp, chair). This is where it all began. The first thing I noticed was while smokin' 2 joints and a bowl my friend Brad (out of the corner of my eye) got a very bright YELLOW tone over his body except for his hair, which turned bright red. And then he began to expand to about 9ft. I remember thinkin' "Ronald fuckin' McDonald!!" then when I turned to look at him he was normal. Anyway, we smoked some more budz and decided to drive around in Jeff's car (who ate his shrooms on a PBJ sammich) and smoke some more dank. Well, all I can recall of this is the smoke seeming like it were made of a solid plastic and jus' floatin'. Then we (Rob, Brad and I) all decided to go somewhere for something (I can't really remember...) all I know is he put in that secret track from the first Beck CD (w/ all the noise) and I jus' told him to stop it or I'd break the stereo. Then w/out me noticing he put in some Jerry Garcia (now, mind you... I listen to punk rock...). Then things really started to happen... I'd look at Rob and his head would be the size of a beachball (with almost as many colors) and I was laughin' at stupid things ("What's the matter with you, J? Are you on drugs? Did you eat those 'magic mushrooms'?!"). Smoked more chrons. Well, we went back to Brad's and I was floorin' my mind to the peak of this psychedelic mountain. Then it happened... they decided to go to the store and I volunteered to wait at his house. Being left alone on a peak is fucked up. The walls of the apartment are white with brown paneling around the doors and such. But in my child-eyes I saw the walls a pink-purple color with the outlines these SMILING PENCILS!! They were flowing, running around the outsides of the doors making video game noises like :"Bak-bak-whoo-whoo-baka-baka" type shit. The whole time I'm a thinkin' "If I'm stuck like this THANK THE FUCKING LORD!" then I remeber lookin' up and seeing all sorts of red, blue, and purple gears in the walls like I could see through them. This is when I decided I should try to draw (I love art... drawin' is my passion.). Well, this failed. I couldn't stop laughing at my pencil because it would bend and sway and curve like a fucking Boa Constrictor. Then I thought "Hey, I'll go sit on the bed." this is where I first encountered 'vibes'. For some reason I got a feeling from the door that it 'needed' to be shut. I looked at it. It looked at me. I smiled and proceeded to shut the door. Next I remember laughing so hard I started crying, then crying because I thought about my family and shit... then I snapped out of it. During the comedown I felt completely at rest with the world. Like I had slashed, stomped and pissed on all my angst. I remember everything I looked at afterwards looked like a picture. I went home, then to my girlfriends and told her "Today, I made art happen."

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