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First Time LSD/25i


Pre Trip Details:

So i had bought one tab of LSD or maybe it was a research chemical, im not sure, off a friend of mine after looking for Mushrooms, LSD, or DMT for a long ass time. I live in a small town that has almost nothing, and its hard to find psychedelics. Also me and my friends are pretty broke, and are too young to have jobs (Im 14) so that just makes it even worse. Anyways we cut the tab in half (yeah i know its pretty gay but we both chipped in on it, and i think it was pretty strong for what it was and i still ended up tripping off it so) and put on our tongues. When i put the piece of paper on my tongue at first i didnt taste anything but in like 5 minutes it tasted a little metallic and was kind of sour.
Thats why im not sure wether or not it was real acid or not but the taste wasnt THAT bad like alot of stuff i'v read so i dont know.

The Trip:

About 50 minutes or so after i took the LSD colors started to pop out and everything kind of had an orangish tint to it. I remember walking into my friends kitchen and the little light above his stove kind of lit up the whole kitchen even tho it was dark lol. Then, i walked back into the living room and sat down. I then proceded to play with my friends cat which is the most gangster cat i'v ever meet in my entire life, Its an all black cat that's life goal is to fuck everybody up and i was playing with him (its still a kitten) and he was stabbing me with his claws and i felt it, and it hurt, but i didnt care lol. I was just bonding with this cat and i had a feeling he knew i was tripping. 

After that, i was just talking with my friend about what i was feeling. He was kind of feelings the same stuff i was. We were smoking mad cigs once we started to really feel it, and i dont even smoke tobacco so it was kind of weird but i still enjoyed it. The smoke felt the same way the weed smoke feels to me, like a breath of fresh air, even tho when i usually smoke a cig i dont enjoy the smoke in my lungs. So a while later me and my friend were talking to this nigga that lives at his house (Hes purebread Mountain Tard) and we decided to go on a walk. So me and friend rolled like 20 cigs and we left.

We walked out his back door and ended up going on this inspirational walk through this little alley. My friend found this fuzzy leafed plant, and decided to rip a leaf off it to keep it and he called it our baby through the entire trip lol. After we got this leaf we walked up this hill and decided to just sit at the top in the middle of the road while cars were driving through. it didnt bother us tho, but after about 5-10 minutes we saw people in the house we were sitting next to looking through their door and there was like 4 of them and one had their phone out. I thought she was calling the cops so i got my friend up (after he got done rolling around on the road telling me about how happy he was) and we dipped out and went back to his house.

We get back to his house and we tell our mountain tard friend about what just happend and i guess we got him in the mood to go for walk, and he was a little high off weed so it seemed like a good idea. So me and my friend were walking with this dude that looked like a lime (he had a lime green shirt on and had a round belly) and it was the funniest thing in the world. Then we walked into this alley and my friend for some reason brought up horse blinders, i asked what the fuck horse blinders were and we started fucking dieing laughing rolling around on this little dirt path while our older mountain tard friend just kind of watched. We were in the middle of public too so it was kind of sketchy but we didnt care at the time. SO. after that is when my favorite part of the trip came happend. We all had to jump this fence that was like 3 feet tall, which you wouldn't think would be a problem for 2 teenagers, and a 24 year old man. Well me and my friend jumped this fence like a couple of gangsters, and then we turned around and watched our older friend try to climb over it and HIS LEG BROKE THROUGH THE FENCE AND HE ENDED UP HAVING TO CRAWL THOUGH HIS LITTLE LEG HOLE BECAUSE HE COULDN'T MAKE IT OVER THE FENCE. Me and my friend were laughing the hardest we've ever laughed in our enitre life. i was rolling around on this grass path and im pretty sure people saw us losing our minds, the whole time our friend is trying to get up this little bank and couldnt which made us laugh even more. 

A little while after that we ended up at a park, and we were swinging, while tripping, and the visuals started to really kick in. It was starting to get dark so all the lights were super bright and i saw tracers off them. Then i started swinging with my eyes clothes and i could see like 3D blueprint of my head, swinging back and forth. I was swinging high as fuck too so it was pretty intense. We then proceded to hug the ground and left. We stopped at a friends house to get more cigs and told our lime friend to wait outside. i guess we took too long because when we came out (i think we were in there for 5 or 10 minutes but im not sure) he was gone. Oh well fuck that nigga, we started walking back to his house and i was seeing patterns and shit in the dark and what not. But then we decided to go to my house to roll some cigs and i had a little weed left in my bong we could hit. So we get there, i told my mom i was tripping and she was cool with it lol. So we went upstairs to hit my bong and i could feel it as soon as i blew out my first hit, i was fucked up. I then tried to roll a cig and ended up fucking up my roller and now its broke :( So we had to walk back up to his house to get more cigs. The path we took to his house was dark as fuck and i was DEFINITELY blind tripping. I just saw a bunch of patterns and colors and shit. 

Once we got back to his house thats when things get foggy. I remember we sat in his room in the dark and i put our leaf over my phones flashlight to tint the room green it was really cool, then we just sat there and smoked a cigar. After we did that for a while we went in the living room and there was an old dude sitting there, we told him about how we were tripping then he told us storys about tripping off pcp and Pure liquid acid, i dont remember much of the conversation tho. I just remember me and my friend laughing our asses off. 

My friend started playing Earthbound after that and THE MUSIC. it was so fucking groovy dude. I could feel every note as i was watching the trippy backgrounds the game had and it was pretty rad. It was very inspirational. I think after that we tried to go to sleep but i couldnt really, it took like a solid half hour before i finally fell asleep.

After trip:

You see, the moment i fucked up was deciding to trip on a SUNDAY while a high school student. I woke up the next morning and felt like shit (I slept at his house) and had to go to school. i ended up smoking some weed i think tho so it was all good. I still felt mentally drained throughout the day. 

All in all it was a pretty good trip and i didn't go into a "bad trip" at all so thats good. I wasnt too worried about it but the thought was in the back of my head. Id really like to find some mushrooms but that probably won't happen anytime soon.

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