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Different shroom trip

2.7-3.0 G

So this was my 2nd shrooms trip and it was completely different than my last one (My last one I was un-prepared and not in the right setting and not with the right people but I still had a good time)

My first trip had heavy visuals, alot of laughter and birght colors.

So I ate the shrooms with my girlfriend around 2:00PM or 2:30PM, we had a friend as a sitter to watch if anything went wrong but also just to hangout with. 
Around 25 minutes after ingesting the shrooms I started getting that familiar upset stomach feeling, At this point I knew my journey was about to begin. I drank some OJ and layed back in bed and talked with everyone waiting for it all to begin.

Around 45 minutes in my body started to feel extremely heavy as if I was becoming one with the bed I was laying in, It didn't feel bad and I didn't feel trapped I could move if I wanted to but I just felt more comfortable laying back. At this point I stopped checking the time so the chain of event after will not have time stamps >

Roughly around and hour and some time I started to have trouble keeping my my set on one thing, I was trying to change my DNS settings on my WiiU so we could watch american netflix and watch some adventure time (This felt like it took me an hour to change because I kept stopping to talk)
After getting the DNS configured I put the controller down and gave it to my friend to find a show since we couldn't find adventure time. We settled on bobs burgers, Now this is where everything became noticeably stronger.

I started to get these large bursts of happiness going through my whole body whenever I thought of something (EG. My gf or if I seen something in the room I liked)

Our room is filled with colorful posters ranging from Adventure time, Pokemon one of the original poster, and a bunch of wall banners from animes ect. So after the large feelings of happiness (They were constant just less noticable) I started to notice something weird witht he audio of bobs burgers I found it extremely hard to focus on the show since the voices sound like they were ranging from a high pitch and going down to a low pitch noise.

At the time I was noticing this I looked at my girlfriend and noticed her giggling at the poster (Adventure time) She spent alot of her trip staring at this poster laughing because she was having some visuals.

After noticing I couldn't handle watching bobs burgers because so much was happening that I couldn't comprehend I decided to sit up. I sat up and looked at the ground and a bunch of lines started to appear creating a hexagone shape all over the floor I thought this was pretty cool since this was some of the noticable visuals I was seeing, The walls started to breath and posters were moving and breathing it was cool. Then my trip turned in a completly different direction after I stood up I became more aware of where I was and what I was doing and started thinking alot. We were in the room most of the trip and I noticed this after listening to some music (Was amazing) I decided to leave the room but before leaving the room I remeber standing up and opening the door and saying things like (Doors are like portals to new worlds, just think we've been in this room for what feels like an eternity lets go exploring) I left the room and got another glass of orange juice. Constantly thinking I couldn't form proper sentences so I didn't talk much for a while but everything felt so spiritual and cool. 

My friend grabbed a huge blanket and ran into the living room it reminded me of a pheonix soaring through the air since the light alluminated it as he feel into the bed we had set up in the living room. He ended up going outside and I followed my girlfriend stayed inside watching us talk about life and cars and the world and technology. I then started to admire the beauty of the sky for a bit and went back inside. The rest of the trip was pretty fun because we played A BUCNH of video games my we saved replays of SSB4 super smash bros 4, and my friend showed me after the trip that I actually play way better while on shrooms.

The rest of the trip is calming and relaxing just playing games and talking not many visuals just happiness and thoughts.

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