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This is more of a public service announcement than a story. So today I was bored and had my salvia extracts and felt like going on a spiritual journey...in my fero, a pretty small car for those who don't know. I know it was stupid to do it alone first of all but I'd tripped alone before so I was like I'll be fine. Well to get a great trip going on salvia you have to smoke steady and pretty fast. Not thinking I didn't open any Windows so when I exhaled it all stayed in the car and I was like whatever lets hot box...bad idea...so I started packing and hitting faster (approximately 2 grams of 35x) and I started feeling it strong I was seeing things in the smoke so I took my last big hit and exhaled slowly, barley seeing out the window and I was transported to another realm I swear there's another plain of existence and it all revolves and is connected and intertwined into our world and all are thoughts flow through it  basically, anyways It wasn't the normal 15-30 min trip I got in my car around 10ish after my room mate left, and I woke up coming out of it outside my fero laying on the ground around 12, so we're gonna say a solid 1h 30min trip. It seriously has altered my perception on what we call "real". Do not hot box salvia. all said and done I would not do that again, I'm not even gonna use salvia anymore...most likely. I will do a report more on the trip but it's gonna take me some time. 

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