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Amanita Muscaria v. Psilocybin

Comparing shrooms

So I 've been doing quite a lot of Amanita Muscaria and I got the hang of it.

At first I was scared of them. Maybe you should be too, they can be very powerful - but they are not poisonous. The thing is with Amanita is that it that although you do trip - you are not even close to the visual power of Psilocybin. I trip more on 30 semilanceata than I do on about 10 gr. AM - that's about less than a half gram LC's to 10 g AM.

 BUT - don't think that you can do some math with that figure and get a visual trip at the level you want to achieve. Personally I like the feel of about 8g dried LC's - and that would be 1.6Kg of Am - which would probably kill you.

The thing is with Amanita - is that it's really mostly a sedative. So if you are looking for a trip that will take you somewhere. Then expect to be asleep when you go there. AM lets you keep your cool and you can think like you do when you are straight. I would have no problem talking to anybody on it.

Over 10g it gets a bit like a heavy sedative. The max I've done in one go is 15g - And I fell into total anesthesia - I was OUT for the count for at least 7 hours - My wife couldn't punch me awake. The trip was visually nowhere near Psilocybin at 50 or so. I get the feeling that it's actually good for you though. It kills infection, a bit like penicillin, and it definitely puts you in a good mood like alcohol or coke does - but I believe it's not addictive in the same way.

So if you don't trip visually and don't pass out then what? Well for me, about 10g is a good dose that I can keep awake on. It's like watching a weak Psilocybin trip on TV, but you get jerky jumps in the timeline. You feel good and certain of yourself - slightly drunk in the body.

The visuals that you get are realistic, but not so much patterns as psilocybin - but they are there. The great thing about AM is the dream state that you can get to. If you can keep awake then you can close your eyes and get into lucid dreaming - you have a very sensible voice of control that can guide you through the dream.


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