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My first trip..


note: I am writing this as closure for myself. That is why I go so into detail to small unimportant things that I was feeling or seeing.

This happened around christmas last year. I had never tried shrooms before and I thought that I was ready. My 4 best friends and I rented out a yurt (for those of you that dont know what a yurt is its a small heated room in a forest that has bunkbeads in it) in a national park and decided to spend 2 nights there and try shrooms for the first time. 2 of the friends I was with had tried shrooms when we all went to the same place a year prior and had amazing and positive experience... I had checked out this website before, had done my reading about how to have a good trip, and I honestly thought I was prepared.... With my closest best friends, in a safe secure place away from lots of people...Man was I wrong... I just really didnt grasp or take seriously the power shrooms have.

So we had gotten these shrooms from a friend. She had told us they were She had told us they were She had told us they were

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