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True Insanity Last Time Doing Mushrooms

Furthest I Have Ever Gone

I wanted to write this out as detailed as I can and suggest that before you attempt a level 5 trip you should read this report. 

Now this all started in 2011 I was young back then, still a freshman in highschool. I had some experience with psilocybe cubensis but had never gone past the level 3 to level 4 threshold. Well a few weeks before this trip my best friend had passed away she took her own life. I thought I should take some shrooms to help me out I was depressed from her dying and needed some help because I was deeply saddened by what had happened. I went over to my buddies house he was the one that had been selling me cubensis and hash for the past year. I was telling him about what had happened and asked him for some mushrooms he was tripping and had just got back from washington (with a bunch of psilocybe azurescens). He sold me half an ounce and I headed back to my house my friends funeral was in two days and I didn't feel like eating them till I knew she was gone. 

Two days later I went to her funeral a buddy of mine and hers was there me and him smoked pot a lot with her and we decided to go do something after the funeral. We were both really sad but she was gone so we just went to the skatepark to get our minds off it all. I told my friend he could come stay at my house if he wanted and told him how I had a large amount of what I thought at the time was cubensis. He agreed so we walked back to my house it was about 9PM by the time we got home. I got home and pulled out my stash of mushrooms I wanted to go as far as I could I felt like I would see my friend again and have some closure if I ate a lot, my friend had never tripped before so I gave him an 8th. I ate an 8th and a half we were sitting in my room listening to the pursuit of happiness and munching them down. My friend instantly said he could feel it I kept telling him the fun has yet to begin but he wouldn't listen. We decided to leave my house my mom was drunk and asleep so we left out the window as to not wake her. 

We got to the grocery store I could feel the mushrooms taking effect I bought an orange juice one for me and one for him I couldn't remember if I had paid for it or not and went to the bathroom to check my pupils. My pupils were heavily dilated I told my friend we should get back to my house so we could have some peace and quiet for our journey.  We were walking home drinking our orange juice when I started to notice heavy waves on the ground it was like the whole street was vibrating with energy. My friend was freaking out thinking that every car that passed us was a cop he was starting to get to me it took us a while to get back because we had to hide every time a car passed.

We got back and I was gone my room looked purple and very mathematical like it was all planed out  in purple lines, my room looked like a fuzzy drawing made up of lines that were purple. My friend was scared he kept saying that we were going insane so I got scared and ate the rest of the shrooms I was worried he would do something crazy and the cops would find them, and I refuse to flush perfectly good shrooms down the toilet and eating them was the only thing I could think would of that destroy them without wasting them. So I ate an other 8th and a half a total of three 8ths that was a major mistake. 

We left out my window again my friend was being loud and we wanted to not wake up my mom so we grabbed his skateboard and left. My skateboard was in the garage so I opened it and saw my mom standing there waving at me. My blood went cold she was already thinking about making me go to rehab because she found oxycontin, hash, and a bottle of rum a few weeks back.  I walked closer it turned out that it was just a pile of boxes not my mom I had hallucinated the whole thing. I grabbed my longboard and we started to skate down the street I was looking at the ground and could see little rivers passing by as my board floated down the road. 

My friend stopped and sat down there was a bus stop and we decided to take a break. It was about one in the morning and we wanted to talk. My friend thought he had gone insane he was very worried scared and sad from my friend dying. I tried to comfort him but he did not understand what I was saying he got really angry and pulled a knife out of his pocket. I had no idea he had a knife but he put it to his throat and told me that we were now insane the only way out was to die he said "if I go will you follow?" . I told him to calm down and put the knife away he jumped up and said "you're the one that made this happen why would make me go insane?'  He lifted the knife towards me and stood up I said "let me have it ill do it myself". He started to cry and said he didn't want me to kill myself and he started to talk about my friends suicide.  We were talking it over and were depressed the other dose I ate was kicking in way stronger now and I was starting to lose my grip on reality. I walked out onto a  football field for my high school and fell to the ground my friend was running around in the dark calling my name but I could not move. 

I kept seeing a clock the trip seemed like an eternity time dragged on so slow and at this point I lost my ability to think. I saw a lot of colors and heard voices all around me ive smoked DMT and even DMT was less crazy. Im not sure how but my friend found me about 30 minutes later he picked me up and walked me home he put me to bed and went to sleep. Im not sure if I did sleep that night all I remember was some crazy patterns and visions of a magic school bus I thought for sure I was dead it felt like every second was a month. 

I woke up the next morning and did not eat I did not speech and could not think my mom knew something was up and my friend told her what he had done last night. She took me to the hospital where they put me in a mental hospital I said nothing for a intear month straight. Time had stopped in the trip so bad that I thought the whole month was an illusion a cruel joke that I was back and ok. Eventually I was ok but I have not done mushrooms since then they scare me badly. It turned out that the mushrooms were dry psilocybe azurescens my dealer had switched up the bags. That trip was more intense than 35 hits of acid ayahuasca freebase DMT or 4-aco-DMT (and yes ive tried all of that since then).  

The only thing that dose can compare to is DMT but even that has never been so mind erasing, mushrooms are no joke be responsible with them. 

Much Love. 

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