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It is said that humanity revolves around nature.

It is said that humanity revolves around nature. You can never be sure of this until you have hit some mush. It is the defining moment in one's life, the feeling cannot be incapsulated within the written word, it grabs you and takes you in.

As i sit here now i am under the influence of mushrooms, I am not ashamed to admit it. My friend and I had some extra money and decided to buy an ounce of shrooms. I ate 6 grams and my friend who is lieing at my feet as i write this manifesto ate 9. Neadless to say we have had our share of crazy adventures, all of which I shall recite to you now.

Knowlege is the weapon of choice and i am hear to excersise my ability. We ate them percisly 6 hours ago. I can see the sun creeping over the horizon and the new day being born, it is this percise reason that mushrooms are Gods eye opener. They make you see the other wise invisible and uncharted. My friend and I where staring at a painting earlier this evening and noticed that the person dipicted within was pointing to a door within my house. We crept over to the vortex and flung ourselves across the threshold fearless and resolute. We noticed that we where out side in a magical world of sights and sounds. My house backs onto a forest and we commenced the adventure. Frogs where jumping out at me left and right i heard thier croak from a kilometer away the battle had only begun, my senses where tuned and we pranced across the forest in a crazy adventure filled with visions of unholy demonds and magical pixies. There was a feeling of ultimate bliss, happiness that i have yet to feel normally one which i cannot wait to re-create.

Eventually we made our way back home and it was there that we realized the peak of our trip. The time was 10:21 in the night. We had been gone for 4 hours out in the wild. It seemed like a mere hour or two. With the realization of this vital fact we decided to smoke a few bowls and then go to laser quest. While driving we saw many a ghost car. This is the phenominon of a car that you see but is not there concordently you screem and try to duck for cover all the while swerving in and out of lanes. At around 1035 we arrived at laser quest in a torent of sweat, and payed our dues. The experience is one i shall never, never, never repeat laser firering, guns blasting screeming, it was a war zone. Men where hit all around us, my friend ran into a corner and started shouting at the top of his lungs THE PILLS MAKE THE BILLS GO AWAY. Over and over he shouted while I faced the enemy blaster in hand holding the hill it was an extreme feeling of urgent dessperation that i could barley handle. This goes to show stay in a place of sanctity when on the shroom, if you value your sanity.

In closing the art of the shroom is that of a balance between chilling with known friends and crazy adventures to add to the trip. One must understand their limitations, one must not exceed these even under the most dire of circumstances or face the ultimate penalty. If you take on the challenge of the shroom be prepard to be shipped away to the place i love. In your own hands you must trust the shroom.

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