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First trip with Thai

1g, dry

I've sampled several different strains before however haven't had mushrooms for over a year, this is the first time I've tried Thai.

I decided to just have 1g of dry mushrooms, chopped up and placed into a sandwich (ham and spinach if you're interested) the first hour passed without note aside from the usual mix of excitement and impatience I get when I'm waiting to come up.

After about an hour I began to notice some mild visual distortions; I also found that I felt rather cold. As time passed (quite quickly I should add) the visual distortions became more prevalent.

There were two distortions I'd like to mention specifically; firstly a vase of peacock feathers (several years old so the individual feathers are spread out) which was warping and stretching in a most interesting manner. Secondly above the feathers there is an oil painting of a stream running through a field with trees dotted around, the colours were mixing and blending whilst forming new patterns. The gold coloured frame (and to a lesser extent the wall it was on) seemed to be breathing in a most relaxing fashion.

The visuals peaked at around 2.5h and a body sensation, similar in feeling to a toned down MDMA roll, as well as feeling heavy became more pronounced. Whereas before I was able to walk around and smoke my pipe (albeit slowly and floaty) I was now unable to move around, this wasn't concerning as I had no reason to get up anyway.

The visuals began to lessen and I felt myself becoming back to a normal state of mind, though much more at peace than I had been before. After around 3.5-4h the visuals and body sensation had gone completely and I was left with a wonderful after-glow I had a smoke and something to eat then went to bed.

I awoke the next morning feeling completely normal and relaxed.

Happy tripping,
Mijnheer van Ritters

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