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First Time Salvia Trip

Very strange

So me and a friend of mine, who had never tripped before had talked of eventually wanting to try salvia (I had done mushrooms a couple times, and DXM once so I had a bit of an idea of what tripping was like). The only reason his first trip was going to be salvia is because their was little to no access to any good psychedelics (shrooms, lsd, mescaline) so we ended up going to the smokeshop and buying 1 gram of 20x salvia divinorum. We later went back to his house (made a ghetto screen out of tin foil because the salvia was too shakey and would just fall through the hole in the bowl) we packed a fat bowl in his bong, probably half of the gram, then he took the first hit. He took one big rip, cleared it and proceeded to hold it in as long as his lungs would let him. I then did the same after he passed it to me (I guess it must have been kicking in pretty fast for him because he almost missed the table and dropped his bong til I grabbed it from him) so I took my hit held it in then exhaled. As soon as I exhaled I said, "This tastes like shit, are you feeling it?" then before I could say anything else my body had a thin wall going all the way through it. Straightt through the center of my body I could feel it between my tongue and my two front teeth. Normally this would freak me out but it was more of an utter mind fuck in my confused state of mind. I then noticed everything on the right side of me in the garage was being mirrored onto the left side of me (the other side of the wall going through my body) the mirrored effect was then caving in from the top going downwards almost like one of the filters on apple photobooth. This over whelmed me and I tried standing up and walking forward, but whenever I did it was like the mirrored effect would cave in even more. It was like a pop up book but I was the center and if I tried to walk it would close more. I also could not turn left or right, I could only go forward because of the wall going through my body. My friends brother said I walked into a piano that was in front of me in the garage and he had to assist me in sitting back down. After I came down I had this weird feeling of paranoia like everyone was out to get me. I felt like the garage was the only place left in the universe that was safe. I thought the world as I knew it had dissolved outside the garage. His brothers were asking if I wanted to comeback inside but I said no because I thought it was just emptiness right outside that door and they wanted me to walk into the infinite abbyss. It took me 15 minutes or so to come back to rational thinking and I had intense cottonmouth so I finally agreed to come inside. This was to this day the weirdest, most confusing trip of my life and I dont think I would do it again.

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