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Amanita - Trip on a trip on a trip on a trip

The layered effect of multiple trips.

Sorry I put this in Level 1 with the others. It should really be in Level 3 - as that level describes it perfectly.

But for the sake of the log from Level 1 thru 2 to level 3 and beyond.


Ok so quickly I've done about 26 gr. of dried Amanita Muscaria over the last 24 Hours. I have a large background level of muscinol in my blood and I have done 8 more gr. of dried caps. Something happened to cut out the last bit of the last post, so I decided to make this one. To sum up - for the last 6 hours and since about 6 pm today I have been riding out the backend of a nice trip. Had a campfire with the kids and we made sausages and bacon. I'm bored already.......zzzz....zzzzz......zzzzz

Body Type:         50yrs   220Lbs
Dosage:              8 gr. dried caps on pizza.
Date:                   03-10-2015 23.15pm

00:00    Feeling still the effects from earlier today. Last batch had my hands out of function and I was very drunken. I couldn't type for peanuts then, and here's a test sentence now...

Mary had a little lamb, it's fleece as white as snow.

There you go perfect. I still have voices in my head, the odd twitch of the hand and plenty 3D depth of contrast and visual trailoffs from objects. Visuals are about at 30 liberties (kinda weak), but definitely still into a trip. I'm hoping that the background level of muscinol will push me into new highs but with a smaller initial dosage. 8 gr, but let's see what it does on the background buzz (26 gr. over 24 hrs.)

I can't work out trip time but this is the CET.

05.00   I slept again, but not for long. An interesting dream, that might really have happened. In fact it did, if you work it out. In the dream there is a central point of infinite force that is at the center of the universe, and at the center of all galaxies. I did a painting - that put's the point I passed thru on canvas. I've always known about this point, but tonight I found it out that it is the center of consciousness and the end of the universe. We look back at it and the distance is infinite - so it can expand and it contains time, space, matter and energy.  

05.20 Mary had a little lamb it's fleece as white as snow,'

Ok so that was good. But here's the thing. I've got this bubble. It's connected to a point of infinity under the S key on my keyboard and it's pulsating into a growing wave of magnetism that I can feel from it. My random jerky movements are  from the same place. It grows and then it goes down again to some point that goes to infinity before it reaches zero. That why it must go down - the point is impossible. So if we just ignore it while it does it's naughty business then we have nothing to worry about. It's on it's way up again now, and I'm connected to points on it like a puppet is connected to a puppet master on a string. There is no music. I will put some on while I grow.

05:31 - OK so Django Reinhardt is also responsible for my destiny now :) I connected him into this trip. The thing is that I realized a while ago that we are on the back of reality - not on the front of it. We think we are on the front, but really we have passed through the force in the centre that leads to the black hole in the center of the galaxy. Energy is flowing through me and into my hands in a point that is between the S and D key on my computer. I know it sounds silly, but that's what it sounds like. I can still feel this point and I've been thru the eye of infinity with it. It's where I died (I did die a few years ago for a few minutes). My universe traveled thru the point in a dream. The end is some sharp point of energy that will always bubble back out into a beautiful bubble. The conscious bubble is a very big one. It is so big that it feels like it is stable if we ignore it. We can tap into some energy that bubbles off it. Like the electromagnetic stuff that's pulling my hands up from the keyboard. It wants me to stand up so that we can grow. When I stood up - they all laughed and say 'ha - we just wanted to see if you'd do it'. Ok, I sat down and the force is rumbling off below me. If flows thru my hands into the zero point. If I stretch out the bubble grows (ED - just realized that the mushroom does the same and is born in a bubble). If I close my eyes - I'm on a bubble that's squashed into a dimension but flowing into an electromagnetic flow that looks like it tails off into infinity. As if flows it wants to take me and the keys from the keyboard with it. There is a very light glow from the center which is now over to the right  somewhere over the 0 key but moving all the time. The light trails flow toward it. It landed I can feel it is on the surface of something. It's like a root blow me but over to the right and flat. So we go over it, to the left. They (they are the other billions to infinty inside bubbles that flow from the center and create electro bubbles and matter elsewhere. So they must be the voices that suggest and connect to the other side. Maybe that's where consciousness comes from. Ok so we know that much. The bubble went left, and now it's rising again and wants me to stand up, but I'm not going to. I realize that this is silly and that I'm entertaining myself with an invisible electromagnetic wave of energy that just keeps on it's cycle round my keyvoard. The thing that's interesting happened before. As I write the force went into a deep hole and is very heavy - it's pulling the keys off the keyboard. But now it's come up again and has rolled off to the side.

06.13 Point on bubble still connected and rolling off somewhere. The important thing that happened is at the point of infinity so I guess it happened earlier this evening. So I know also that there also must be some space between that point and this one in the present. It can be infinite too. The important point is that I am here. That's it. I was sitting outside by the fire waiting for something to happen - I took Muscaria to get to something. What? I realized it. NOW. That was the point when I woke up earlier and realized that there is no space in the zero point of now. 'What I am waiting for? Something is coming?' Nothing is coming. You are sitting in front of nothing. Nobody is here with you. Hello. Echo? I'm gonna put a frame around it. 'The echo of nothing' is the title. So I went in to paint earlier - how big should the frame be for nothing? That was the point - it is the point. You can always connect to your past. We passed thru the point - and space is as big as we make it. We can expand the past too. If we go back in time we can always approach infinity, but the bubble gets so big that it stretches in and over and then it breaks - because we can't remember then BANG! NOW happens. Consciousness is the time between when we realized it popped, and when we see it wants to play and we approach it again.

06:45  So I had (am having, therefore will have had), a nice trip with some good ideas. So now I'm hoping that in this silly state I can sleep. The point is saggy now too, as saggy things are - it must sleep to rejuvenate to smooth out the sagginess, but unlike saggy titties - consciousness can get young and healthy again. Oh yes it can! I can even feel the point rising at the thought of it. Let's not entertain it any longer - it needs some sleep. Let's see what happens when I do that. So I'm going to bed and I'll probably wake up still tripping. I'll bet.

09.30 - I was right. Slept like a log. Now - a totally perfect trip I'm in. The point is gone - there is a slight buzzing magnetism somewhere, but it is perfectly spherical and has stopped moving. In my mind - eyes shut, vivid visions of perfectly watered fields of lilies and Psilocybin mushrooms engulfed in sunlight with the air of rainbows strewn with the perfect breeze. A myriad of insects wait to service the never ending flow of consciousness from the void. I'm part of it - but I'm unaware of my function. I wanna write something today. My mind is ready to dwindle the day on creation. That's probably why we are here. To make a statement. To put a frame around anything that we feel deserves attention. The task is impossible because art is everywhere, you just have to look at it, and you create it. This is what the quantum tunnel is. Art. Creation. The measurement of the singularity toward the event horizon - infinite space.

10:00  I go about my day. Off to sort out the breakfast for the kids - who are killing each other over who owns the rights to something or other. I'll keep quiet about the point of nothingness, but I know that I'm moving away from it backwards at the speed of light.  

15:18 CET - Have been in a very relaxed trip all day. It's wearing off now, and I'm totally yawny and ready for some precious dreamy sleep assisted by my nice new friend Muscaria.

Conclusion: Amanita Muscaria is very cool - I have always been in total mind control, no panic, but the body is way drunk and has problems with basic stuff. I couldn't do some of the simplest things due to spasms and holes in consciousness (I guess when it passes thru the eye of the needle we loose it before it expands into a finite space again). So the muscinol can be totally like the psilocybin on level 1 and 2 visual, but on other planes it definitely reaches further than that. After 36 hours non stop with almost as many grammes, it never really put a chink in my armour. At no point though did any of the doses I took go above the 12 gr. initial dose that sent me to sleep all night. So I guess it's like about 50 or so liberty caps on average in visual terms, maybe less. Well worth building up the effect like this with small doses (if you have the time and don't want to puke) as I didn't really miss out on anything by falling asleep (too much) either.

NEXT: I'm going to have to go for 20gr. plus in one sitting soon to see what damage it might cause, I expect there will be some nausea and sleep. I learned that the nausea is not really a problem working with small (under 12g) doses of wafer thin dry caps and that the medium and smaller caps taste sweet and can be eaten dried directly (never eat this fresh).

RE: Spasms - I believe are caused by neural transmitters, spiking due to muscimol which is explained here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neural_oscillation

Amanita Muscaria's analgesic effect on mood is here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NMDA_receptor_antagonist (funny how it's totally OK to sell it because it's BENEFICIAL for a whole range of central nervous system diseases, but if you pick it and eat it dried naturally & free of charge - then it's suddenly POISON)

Read also about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaboxadol - which was sold for production and treatment of chromosome 15 disorders.

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