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Amanita Trip on a trip

Building up a buzz.....

Useful reading for people considering consuming Amanita Muscaria. I decided to prolong this trip (original post is Sat 3 October 14:30 CET) so I am putting dosage on top of dosage that was the last bit of a trip I had the day before. Basically I've just kept ingesting dried caps with at least a two hour pause to see what might happen. I've not read yet that the body builds up an immunity to Muscinol yet. So I want to find out. I want to stage up the effect so that there is a resident background of muscimol in my bloodstream, as I believe that this is the nice warm bit of the mushroom experience.

Ok - so bit of background first. The first ever hits of these drugs (Ibotenic Acid and Muscinol) has shown me that there is a powerful sedative effect. I've fallen asleep all three times, but never puked. I am 50years / 220Lbs, and I've taken a lot of Psilocybin in the past. First real Amanita Muscaria trip played with my head and with the perception of time & had a powerful memory delay and effect on my vision, in a really confused and disturbing way, but not unpleasant in any way - I eventually fell asleep too. So now I'm very interested in upping the dose to beyond 10g, I wanna get some vivid visuals, but while I'm awake for once!. For anybody who hasn't tried Amanita Muscaria, be ready for some sleep!

Dosage:          12-14gr.
Method:           Dried Amanita Muscaria caps on Pizza.
Date:               02-Oct-2015 - 12 to 14g dosage ingested dried at about 19.30
Duration:         Still going the day after 03-Oct-2015 (Continues in another post)

00:00   To be honest I can't eat all the dried caps. The other times I started with sweet tasting smaller to medium sized caps which I ate dried. To get the dosage this time I chose the big ones. I tried eating them and found that they have a much more salty taste, mushroomy, sour and slightly earthy, than the medium sized caps. So I tried by gulping them down with water (like eating a handful of raw cubes) because I don't like the sweaty socks taste. I tried a few of my large caps from my stash too, but they all tasted the same - I didn't account for this nibbling in the dosage, so in the end I stopped eating the dose. Mainly because they tasted bad, they might be rotten? I wanted to save the smaller ones for next time. I could get it down ok, but the dried wafer like cap sticks on your throat - no matter what you wash it down with. It needs to be crushed by teeth. I realized later that that's what I had to do.

02:00  So I had started with the usual drunkenness and slight contrast in 3D perception. Watching a film I decided to do something so that I wouldn't fall asleep too, so I baked pizza for the kids. On piece I put most of the rest of the dried stash I should have gobbled in the dose. So I was now up to about 10 or 12 gr. in all over ingestion of about 3 hours. I put the dried pieces of muscaria on a couple of mins before the pizza came out of the oven. Brilliant - no probs at all. Good Pizza the kids say, but my piece has dried caps on it - it tastes great nevertheless and the sweaty socks blend in somewhere between the oregano and the garlic - unnoticeable in the background goodness. 

02:30   Stumbling about making the Pizza had been fun. So I sat down to watch the film and guess what - I fell asleep!.

07:30   Woke up tired but feeling really good - time was 3:15am. Man it's too late to feel good - and the effects are like noticeable drunkenness on the way to the bathroom. But definitely in a light visual type trip - I went to bed - fell asleep in an instant. I can't do that on Psilocybin, even at 3.am.

14:00   Woke up, still in a background trip - feeling SO good. Waves of delight and comfort come over me as every yawn does it's hormonal magic. I'm pretty sure you generate more serotonin in the sleep period on Amanita Muscaria. Definitely in a GOOD mood. Morning piss smells of the shrooms - maybe I should drink my piss? Not likely. I got a stash of dried muscaria so why bother? Drinking piss sounds a bit desperate to me for a high, but I suppose it was good enough for Shamen, for a prolonged state of trance - then I must try it some time - but not today. Meanwhile, I go downstairs and I'm extra nice to everybody in the family - hugs all round and I make this gigantic breakfast of bacon and eggs. I'm still aware that it's the muscinol that's making me feel very good. If I close my eyes I and concentrate I can definitely notice its effect still.

It's now I decide that I'm going to add more dried caps. It's making me feel good this stuff. Time is around 11.30am so by now it's around 15 hours (medium) since I did the first dose.

So I'll reset the clock for this trip (I hate using that word, when I didn't really go anywhere :))

So.... 11.30am

00:00 I go to my diminishing stash and take 2 small caps that I know taste good and eat them. I'm looking to prolong this state of goodness I am in. I've got stuff to do with the kids and I'm looking after other peoples children so I don't want to be some out of my box hippie. Dosage here is about 4gr - if that. 

01:00   So some slight drunkenness starts to return. This body can't keep it's limbs in order, thinks the totally well in control mind. In the meantime my wife is in a bad way. She thinks her life is in a rut as she lost her job and we are in a no sex right now phase, so she starts to crying after throwing a wobbler at the kids. Bummer.

02:00   Totally glad I did those two small caps - so I ate everything else left from before too, cap tips and bits of dried cap that look like they were attacked by insects, which are really just rips in the surface by the drying process. I fold these up and gulp them down with milk to drown the sweaty sock taste, which bumps up my dose to a bit over 5 gr. I would think. I put up a tent for the kids outside with no problems, it is a sunny day an all objects are glowing with a silvery shine to them, I feel so good inside - lots of energy. All motor skills are in good working order. I am feeling remarkably good - did I say that?. I feel great about trying my best with the wife (she'll get over her problem). No bummers - all is fantastic. I am nice and pleasant to everybody, do them some nice things, and I feel relaxed, on top of it, powerful, invincible - this is why those vikings used muscaria I think. I have no emotional problems at all. Almost as if the analgesic properties of muscaria are numbing my emotional 'give a fuck' center. I'm tripping with a nice visual amount of spatial and colourful ambiance too, and I feel like a king and everything is groovy. I am in total control. I could go to work like this no problem. Better than coke if you ask me.

03:00  I'm writing this account of the trip of the night before 3 hours into this new trip. So I've decided to add more into the mix today to see what happens. I'll give it 3 hours to be on the safe side, and then I'll be adding caps in about 4-5 gr. dosages at this interval. I want to keep control, and it looks like I might be able to do it, it has worked so far, and with OK results - it has boosted the trip and feeling good levels at the same time. Bummer now - The wife left for a walk in the woods. So I'm left alone watching kids. No problem though - maybe keep off too many caps right now.

04:30   I feel as if I'm coming down from the last little batch, but still into a really relaxing easy to handle trip that is just so nice. and I'm totally in control. The wife is back - So I consume another large single cap and a nice tasting single small cap in the hope that I can get back the silvery glow that accompanied everything earlier. - I added about 6 or 8 grammes here so I'm on total for about 13grammes or so today on top of the rest from yesterday.

05.30   We're in Business. Ok so now it's diffiicult to control my control my hands. I can't type - it takes ages. As I type this a wave of magnetizsm rolls under my hands that I can ride - i can feel it and rest my hands on it - it can control my hands. Sometimes a finger stabs down the keyboard and it's difficult to read and write. Nearly impossible. I'll give you an example of an un-edited sentence.

Mary was a little it's flease asa white as wsno2w.

It's mostly my left hand, but my right hand is also effected. I'm also getting the memory flashes in my vision again. By this time I'm accompanied with a very nice solid 3D effect and some rainbow like visuals and shining glow like colors. Kinda like 40 or 50 mushrooms on the visual 3D - but there are some spasms in my hands and flashes that are uncontrollable. My head is like a control center - I'm cool and I can look out at what I see, what I do and describe it. I'm totally normal (edit you are not) - I wouldn't say I was was 'really' tripping - not as I usually mean, not as far as I know that word from Psilocybin trips. Something remains unaffected inside on muscaria. Maybe I should do more.

06:30   This is not like Psilocybin that seems effects everything in the brain. It's very different. I am sensible.

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