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Salvia trip

It was pretty intense so I'll try my best to explain

The pre trip details 

So I acquired 35x and some 10x salvia extract online (can't remember  where though) and anyways me and my friend were in a swing beside my house and he took a couple hits of the 10x but it didn't really get to him I don't think. So he had to go home for some reason so I packed myself a bowl alone (dick came over took a couple hits then left before I could) and I didn't have much effect, I just felt high like normal so I repacked the bowl with 35x went out back and smoked it, still nothing, and I was like there's gotta be more to this cuz I wasn't really feeling difrent so I burned what looked to be ashes and that's when it hit me so I ran to the door to get in my house and when I touched the door nob I woke up in my room coming out of the most intense trip. It's taken me awhile to recall exactly what I was seeing.(1 bowl of 10x then a well packed bowl of 35x extremely torched) 

The trip

So have you ever looked into a mirror while there was a mirror behind you and it's like an infinite loop, or pointed a camera at your tv while you're screen sharing with the tv, welp it looks sick try it. Like a corner of the screen was my vision just infinitely going outwards, and each peice of the screen was collapsing like an aligarors mouth while still infinity expanding. And each peice of the loop was talking super high pitched and fastly. And even better (the koolest part in my opinion) the colors were super vibrant and melting over each loop in the screen as if the color was sloshing over the sides of a container. 

After trip

I was just leaning on a stool in my room staring at the ground coming out of this infinite loop, like I was trying extremely hard to come out of it cuz I started remembering things like I can't let people see me like this. So I finally had enough control to climb into my bed but one arm was like completely not feel able for like 5 minutes. Recalling it all I have no idea what happened in the travel across my house, but what I do know is my pipe was found like a day later (by me) in the laundry room wich is the other way from my room. 

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