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first trip great experience

2.5 grams

I have been looking around for a while for a good source to purchase some mushrooms. The other day one of my best friends texted me and said that he was picking some up and asked if I was interested in also doing some. I was excited and told him of course i would love to. This was going to be my 4th trip experience, but my first with mushrooms. I had tripped before on LSD and was always curious of the difference i would feel with another psychedelic.

My friend hit me back up later that day and said that he got me 2.5 grams and that I could pick them up after work. I spent the beginning of the day clearing out my system, a routine that i developed from my previous trips, to have a clean trip later that night. drank plenty of water, worked out......blah blah blah lets get to the fun stuff.

After work i text my friend and met up with him to get the shrooms. I headed back to my house and prepared a peanut butter sandwich and emptied the bag of mushrooms in the middle and scarfed it down. the effects took about 30-45 minutes to kick in, i forgot to check the clock when i ate them so thats just an estimate. I was in my room watching a movie on Netflix 'Stretch' and when i looked up from the screen i could no longer see where the wall met the ceiling, like there was no outline, and i could see waving in the walls and objects around my room. when the first peak came around I got extremely cold in my room so i put on a sweatshirt and curled into a ball under my covers. i decided to turn the movie off and listen to some music for the peak that was about to come. the first song i played was  'babe, I'm gonna leave you' by led zeppelin. i closed my eyes and let myself go off on an adventure. with every guitar riff i felt a pulsing wave run through my body, easily the most amazing feeling that I've felt before. I felt myself get lost in the music and felt like i was floating through space. i continued to listen to music through the rest of the peak because i felt like if i moved i would be disrupting time and it would throw off the balance of my trip. 

After the first peak I decided to take in the visuals for a while and turned on my black light and continued to listen to music. everything was waving, when i got up to use the bathroom it felt like the door got a little further with each step and that it took 20 minutes just to reach the bathroom right around the corner. i started to have "epiphany's" i guess, where i would dwell on things from the past. I would think about my dad and how i blamed him for the loss of my mother when i was 11. i thought about how much i lied to him and how it was not actually his fault. after about an hour of thinking about that i started to calm myself down, telling myself everything was alright and to get back into my trip and just have a good time and keep the vibes chill. 

The second peak wasn't too intense, about half of the first i'd say. I actually came onto this site and read some of the trip reports to entertain myself. i read this one story about a kid that went to the ER and thought that he was dying so he wrote a will. I thought it was the most beautiful thing i'd ever read, so deep and eye opening. i came down from the trip at about 5am the next morning and was more than satisfied with my first mushroom experience. i will definitely be trying it again in the near future.

-hope you enjoyed reading and i didn't sound too much like a noob. Comments welcomed and encouraged!

~peace and good vibes

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