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20g+ dried, mazatapec and b+

I've never tripped so hard

Hello Shroomery, before I write my report I'd like you to know why I've taken such a large dosage.
For some reason I have a really high tolerance when it comes to shrooms, so in the last few months I tested out where my limit is.

But now the report....

A few friends came over, 2 of them never took shrooms before that and the other one only once with me.
I made tea out of the shrooms, which we drank.  

I wanted to get out of the city as fast as possible to enjoy my trip in the nature, you know exactly why.

As soon as I left my house it started. At first it was weak, but it getting stronger witch every second.

When we were out of the city my eyes were hurting from the intense visuals I had. We walked through a little forest with a lake and a river nearby.
The River was the destination. When we got there I only remember sweating really hard.

Then I dont remember anything for a few minutes (I think it were minutes)

The first thing I really remember again was asking myself who I was and who those people with me were. I asked myself what we were doing next to this river.
So I asked them. The laughed, I laughed too. I started to like them.

Then I wanted to go home, I dont know why, I was only outside an hour or so.

But I didnt know where I lived. So I asked where I can sleep. One friend said he can take me home. I was confused because he said I live somewhere in a city nearby.

The way home was strange to say the least. I felt like I was abducted by aliens, no idea who I am and what I am doing here.

A friend who was somewhat clear in his head told me I had a big smile on my face and kept asking "what happened?" and turning myself in their direction and saying "hä?".

When we got home we couldnt open the door, but somehow somebody could open it. 

I only remember laying on the floor in my room, thinking so many things and asking myself about so many things that I really thought I had gone insane. But I was ok with it.

Then a girl called me, she wanted me to come outsided to drink something and smoke some cigarettes. 

I was  like "Who are you? and who am I?" she began talking very much, I dont remember what she said, I just hung up.

Then I blacked out again. When I was "awake" again I just asked what happened.

2 of 3 people were still with me, the other one walked home, he does not know why.

That was about it, after that I only laid in my bed and thought about what just happened to me. I was  very excited about it.

I sadly cant tell you much about the visuals, I just remember they were very hard. Maybe next time I try to remember them for you :P

Well, that was  about it, thank you for reading about the experience with mushrooms I will remember my whole life. It is unbelievable how a few mushrooms can make you forget your whole life, and a few hours later you know everything again.

(sorry if there are any misspelled words in this)

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