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Fun lvl 2 trip

First time in shroom land

So I payed a buddy of mine from school 20 bucks for an eighth which was surprising since an eighth normally goes for 30-35 bucks.  They were pretty dry and I don't think that I actually got an eighth . I waited for my family to go to  bed and then I started  eating them. They happened to be pretty nasty so I had to take small breaks inbetween every bite.  For some background info I'll let you guys know that I've gotten drunk a handful of times and I'm a pretty casual smoker when it comes to weed.

At first I thought the shrooms were shittty and dried out but things finally got interesting 35 minutes after consumption. I was hoping for a level 3 trip but I didn't have enough to go that far.  The very first  sign was a weird feeling but everything looked normal. Five minutes later I began seeing the walls breath and the textures of everything flow like and ocean. The pattern on the walls were constantly changing. At one point I dropped a bunch of skittles on the ground and then suddenly they were crawling all over everything . I got a nuseous feeling but that quickly subsided. Food dosent really taste special like when you were high but music was defiantly way better to listen to. I'm just gonna take a guess and say that taste gets better when you're tripping on higher levels.I wasn't expecting to be all wobbly has I walked around but it wasn't as bad as being drunk or anything.  While tripping I found that it was easy to make something that was  totally not funny into something that was.  

Once I reached the peak I started thinking about things in a new light. I suddenly became very happy  content with everything in my life. I eventually figured out what I thought was the meaning of life and where true happiness came from. For once in a very long time I was finally  not depressed or confused about life. I fealt completely at ease. The impact was powerful and it just made me want to become a better person.  I decided to write down what I learned to make sure I didn't forget about it and titled it "motivation". I'll leave my write up at the bottom for those curious to see it. 

The trip eventually came to a slow stop at around 4 hours. I was then able to determine that I had a level 2 trip. The whole experience was defiantly worth it and  was definitely beneficial to my level of confidence which is now currently driving me through life.  Even though it's now almost a week later the happiness from the trip is still with me. If  you're planning on taking shrooms for the first time, go for a level 2 trip and just get comfortable with shroom land. Aside from the constant feeling of joy and the constant laughing you will be doing, you will for the most part be able to act normal. Just remember that you can only force yourself to have a bad trip so just relax and let yourself just fall into the trip. I promise you'll have as much fun as I did. I can tell that a level 3 trip is when things  start  to get intense so I can't wait until my next one.I only wish that I could have waited  to do them with my friends because it would have been a whole lot  more fun. I was the first to try them so I when I told my friends about my experience  they ended up getting excited and now we're already planning the next trip. 

Just give peace a chance and love everybody you encounter. Give everybody your time and listen to what they have to say. Cut all the negative people that make you feel bad out of your life and don't believe a thing they say.

 Anybody can do anything as long as they keep their head up and believe in themselves. Keep working hard and before you know it you will have climbed a mountain. The wind may get stronger the higher you climb but the view will sure be worth it once you make it. It's NEVER too late to do anything. Remember this and you will live a fulfilling life that you won't regret.

 The whole point of life is to just to make the best of the cards that you were dealt with. You should be trying to make yours and everybody else's life better anyway you can. This is where true happiness comes from.

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