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980mg psilocybe subaeruginosa experiment.

Some unexpected results


This experiment was not about having a good time, this was about dosage, safety and some subconscious things not on the table until after. This transcript is from a report as told by my friend 'Rick' who was gutsy enough to go through the experiment for all us weak dogs. Rick has given me full permission to discuss medical things as he no longer goes by that name. For the purpose of the report from here in the 'me', 'I' = 'Rick' (thanks mate!)


Location: Adelaide, Australia
Male 41 years old
Setting: alone in dark living room with my cats, missus asleep in other room for (real) emergencies
Mushroom: psilocybe subaeruginosa
Method of Ingestion: veg capsules approx 300-400mg per capsule total; amount consumed 980mg or - 3mg
Known Health Issues; bursitis and tendinitis.
No medications taken for 4 days prior, meds stopped were paracetamol, codeine and an anti inflammatory (Fenac).
Large pasta meal eaten 6 hours prior, Up and Go sipped on during the come up but not finished.
Purpose of experiment: Determine potency for dosage advice, check for pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.


I have been out hunting a few times this year and have managed to stock up on subs. I haven't been hunting in 20 years, haven't tripped (properly) for about the same. I did a shitload of LSD and pingers back in the good old Adelaide days. I found all my subs in the Northern Adelaide Hills this year, never was able to go down to the magical wonderland that is the southern Adelaide region, I really had to work for my subs in the north this year after bushfires took out a lot of my promising spots before the season kicked off.

So I have lots of dried subs and no idea what to do with them, some of my friends are keen so I hand some out. Now the age old problem of how much to take comes up. My friends are half my age, smaller than me and have never tripped before. This is the conversation that led to the trip;

Me: "How hard do you want to trip?",
Friend: "I don't want to just see wavy shit, I've seen that before on wangers.".
Me: "OK, so you want to lose your shit?",
Friend: "I don't want to freak out.".
Me: "Split these caps between three or four of you, or two of you, or have it all yourself, fuck man, I don't know, someone needs to try it to see how much is too much.".
Friend: "yes they do.".
Me: "You do it..."
Friend: "No you do it."
Friend: "I want to trip with my best friend at her party this weekend."
Me: "Let me know how you go."
Friend: "Try some and let me know how much we should take."
Me: "You do it"

So off goes my young friend with 10g of dried subs packed in veg caps. A weird sense of worry comes over me, someone needs to test it and soon. I feel irresponsible leaving the first time trippers with no idea how much to take (at a party) things could go terribly wrong for them. I spent the next few days playing with the dosage calculator, trying to understand the levels and doing my own weird maths. I had tried a micro dose of the same shrooms at 380mg, that had just left me feeling weird and that had not helped determine how strong they were. My friends party was soon and I needed to do it asap.

I had studied up on the effects of shrooms and spent a lot of time in the trippers FAQ section on shroomery preparing myself. A lot of what I read reminded me of the LSD days back in the early 90's, I remembered some of the feelings and things that happened and thought I was ready. I had discussed things with my missus who is a bit against tripping (LSD in particular after her one and only experience). She was fine with the idea of mushrooms and surprisingly supportive in her offer of being the trip-sitter if needed! (Time to marry her?). I had everything ready, the only thing I couldn't find was time to do it.

Saturday night, the night of the party and I was sitting up on standby in case my friends need to call me. It's one of the quietest, stillest nights we have had for a while. I feel stressed, my missus goes to bed and I decide to stay up late. I haven't tested the shrooms for my friends so I decide to do it immediately and hope my friends decide not to do it tonight. At least if they do I will be able to tell how much trouble they are in! I had read about the lemon tech and thought that may be a good idea but then thought I should just take the caps (like my friends were going to). I came to an agreement with myself and just swallowed the 'OO' capsules with some lemon juice, not so bad. I had also read about smoking weed may ease you up gently (don't do it if you want to get hit hard or something so I intended to smoke as I usually do anyway).

Here is the timeline from my sketchbook;

T - 0;

3 veg capsules taken with 200ml lemon juice / water 980mg dried sub total
smoked 1 billy

T - 20min;

no noticeable effects

T - 40min;

no noticeable effects
smoked billy

T - 1hr

my face feels tingly
smoked billy

T - 1hr10min
no noticeable effects
(no more notes)

I had been listening to some classical music waiting for things to happen, at 1hr and 10mins in I decided to take off my headphones. I thought the dose I took probably wasn't enough, I felt OK knowing my friends should be fine but also a little disappointed they might not get much magic. It was now 1 hr and 15min in and I was feeling absolutely nothing apart from a bit of a tingly face. The pain from bursitis and tendinitis was still there although the swelling had gone down by about 20%. I was pretty tired now so decided I would just smoke one more billy and go to bed.

All my study had led me to believe the effects would be noticeable and similar to an LSD come up in some ways. I knew I shouldn't compare mushrooms with acid too much and my experiences with MDMA / MDA definitely not but I had nothing happening. I lit the billy and thought the flame looked a bit blurry but hey I was tired now. My feet were quite cold so I turned on the heater and sat in front of it. My cat came and had some pats, I noticed his fur felt so soft, he was beautiful. I noticed a mark on the carpet and rubbed it with my hand, it changed.

A black grid with lines about 1cm apart appeared for a few seconds on the carpet turned itself slightly right and disappeared. I looked at my toes, the end one stretched out a little bit and shook like it was waving at me. I hadn't moved a muscle. "Oh my god I am tripping!". I thought now was the time to turn out the lights and look at the ceiling. I went to lay down on my blanket and stopped when I saw what I thought was a puppy on there already (I do not have any dogs). After about 3 seconds the puppy was gone. "Goodness." I thought I am definitely tripping but why is my brain not tripping?

I was expecting the whole circle idiot / thought loop thing but I was able to think clearly, in fact I was thinking with absolute crystal clarity. I felt like I could have dealt with anything or anyone if I was spoken to. Nothing made me 'jumpy' not a hint of paranoia or anxiety not a fear of almost anything. CEV's were non existent in a 'standard' way although if I thought of something a picture of it would come up crystal clear in my mind, my old house, an apple, my cat, places popped up a bit quicker than people or objects, like my brain took a bit longer to make the image. I kept my eyes closed until a horrifying awful noise came smashing through my thoughts, I sat up straight away.

When I was doing a lot of MDE/MDMA I would sometimes get this noise hit me at night when I was trying to go to sleep. This would happen a few days after I had dosed and I would hear it build for about 3 seconds then 'BANG'. It was an awful noise, like a horn and a car crash mixed together, it hurt when it happened and was the reason I stopped doing those substances altogether. The noise that hit me on these mushies was a bit different, like someone had recorded a train horn / ship horn / tuba / trombone / bass / crash cymbal, mixed them together, turned up the bass, sped it up by 10%, turned up the bass again and then played it 1mm from my eardrum through a 20ft sub, it didn't hurt it was just fucking loud.

I acknowledged the sound, expressed how I felt about it and it didn't happen again. I lay back down looked at the ceiling and asked for more of the beautiful things I was seeing up there, it went into 3D. I thought whatever I just did helped so I said out loud "These things you are showing me are beautiful, and so are you!" I am not sure who I was talking to. I could see a tree growing from the carpet up to the roof, the branches came out and grew over half the roof, it looked like a gum tree. The other part of the roof was darker in shadows and was full of patterns and movement. I thought about listening to music but found the silence just too amazing.

I thought about my brain again, was I fucked? I needed to test it so I decided smoking a billy was a good idea. I got up no problem and focused on the clock, I saw the time crystal clear if I focused although around the edge of my eyes the rooms furniture was melting, breathing and joining together. Maths was no problem, it was now 2hr20min in. I had been there for over an hour, I swear it was about 10min. I walked to my smoking area, I was a bit off balance but had no issue walking the 10m to the billy. I had some trouble lighting it as the lighter had 3 flames that were blue orange purple with a red grid between each flame. Smoking the billy calmed down the visuals a bit, I honestly thought it would go the other way.

I went back to my blanket and looked at the ceiling again, the walls, the door. It was all about change and movement, I would make out what I thought was something and then it would change into something else just when I thought "Oh that looks like a.." almost like a game, I enjoyed it. At one point I reached out to touch one of the white tree poles that grew out in front of me and realized it wasn't there. This led me to think I must be really fucked if I am reaching for my hallucinations and what the fuck is a tree pole anyway? I thought about my friends and felt such a sense of relief like a weight literally come out of my body. "Now we are good." I thought "Yeah and no one will die." was the reply that came back. WTF. I was obviously worried about more than just the trip factor. We had taken EVERY precaution to ID them, oldschool pickers, ID requests on shroomery we were 100% certain we had subs. I love my friends.

"Anything else?" I asked.
"Sometimes words are enough." was my next and last reply.

I have no idea what this means. I have no idea who I was talking to. After this I thought another billy if it is going to calm me down. The curtains were still breathing although not as much as before. I checked the time again it was now 3hrs in. Again maths was no issue and the time that had passed felt like 5 mins. My visuals were calming down, another billy and I lay back down to look at things again. The visuals were nearly gone now and I thought I should try to sleep. This was not possible, I had the feeling like I wanted to go and do something. This feeling lasted well into the day when I decided to go to a National Park around 12hrs after the trip. I fell asleep in the car on the way home (no I wasn't driving) some 18 hours after dosing.  

This was not what I was expecting. I am unsure if drinking it with the lemon juice does anything when I just swallowed the caps. We have a fairly good idea of what dosage we should all take next time so we can confidently trip safe. I understand everyone is different but what surprised me was the fact that smoking a billy calms it down for me, the visuals were intense but my mind was crystal clear (maybe the dark room helped here). There were no pain relieving properties evident at all. Swelling and inflammation reduced by about 40% and no further after the peak. I felt fine the next day although tired, slightly numb in the mouth and lips. This experiment turned out to be very enjoyable and quite successful. Thank you for letting me take part.


I am not sure which level this report belongs in. As there were no major 'mind fucks' and this was almost an exclusively visual trip I have decided it belongs in here. Thanks for reading if you got through all that.

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