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Aqua Trip

I was with a buddy of mine who I will call J.

I was with a buddy of mine who I will call J. We were headed to a friend of our's house because he was having a party, like he did at least once a week.

We showed up there to find about 40 people drinking and milling around with music playing loudly in the main party room. I looked around at the people who were partying and recognized all of them for we lived in a small town and everybody knows everybody else.

I quickly spotted my friend Joel, who I lived with at his parents house. He came up to me and told me that he was tripping on shrooms. I asked him if there were any left and where I could get them and he said that Lee had been handing out handfuls earlier for free and that a lot of the people there were trippin' or about to. I went and asked Lee if he had any more.

Lee wasn't handing them out for free anymore but he still had a HUGE bag left that he was selling for $5 for a handful of shrooms. I quickly fished out a crumpled $5 from my tip money from delivering pizzas earlier in the night and traded it for a full handful of shrooms.

I wanted to change out of my work clothes so I grabbed Joel and asked if he wanted to come with me to his house so I could get changed. Joel's shrooms were kicking in and he was sitting on the couch staring at the curtains. He seemed relieved to get out of there for a bit because he said that there were too many people to trip comfortably around.

I popped my shrooms with a bottle of beer out of the case that I had bought earlier in the night expecting to be drinking, not shrooming. On the 5 minute car ride to Joel's and my place, he kept finding things more and more amazing inside my car, examining all the lights and trippin hard on the bass that my stereo was pounding out.

We got to his house and I changed quickly and headed back to the party. Joel was into his trip now and kept telling me that I was going to fry hard with the handful that I had eaten. I was starting to feel that anxious feeling that shrooms give me in the first half hour or so.

When we got back to the party I was feeling more and more anxious and had started to feel sort of clammy. I went inside and tried to talk to some people but found it was too hard to communicate with all the people that were tripping.

Joel and I sat on the couch while my shrooms kicked in but we both knew that we didn't like this atmosphere for our shroom trip. We decided to take off as soon as our buddy Jesse showed up and would go to our house for the rest of the trip. Until Jesse showed up, we decided to get some air on the porch.

At first we were alone on the porch but soon some people started to come out. I was getting into my trip now and found that I could only handle certain people, and those were people that were as high as me. Nobody else even existed to me, except the people that were trippin'. If you weren't on shrooms, I didn't want to talk to you.

Soon there was a group of "safe" people on the porch, but it was getting crowded and I was starting to hear everybody's voice as one undicernable gurgle that was really high pitched and loud, but I coudln't make out any of the converstations. It just sounded like people were gurling water or like the constant undying rush of a river.

Jesse showed up shortly after that and we grabbed him and said that we were leaving. He had a case of beer as well as my own but I had discovered already that I was having an extremely hard time drinking it. I tried to convince Jesse that he wouldn't want to drink his beer once we were high but he didn't believe me.

Jesse got a handful of shrooms and off we went. I left my car there because I was getting fucked up and rode in the backseat of Jesse's mom's Geo Metro.(2 door) The drive there I kept feeling very vulnerable about the other cars on the road. They didn't seem at all dangerous as they passed by us, and that feeling that it wouldn't be real if we got into a collision unnerved me.

The cars also seemed to be shorter and wider, like cartoons or cars in a video game, and there were stars around all the lights that were reflected off the tinted interior. Nothing seemed to be the proportion that it should have been.

When we arrived at our place, Joel and Jesse, (who were sitting in the front seat), got out and shut their doors, leaving me in the backseat. I tried ot figure out how to put the seat forward but for the life of me couldn't find the latch. Then I tried to open the door from the backseat but couldn't find the handle. I could see Joel and Jesse standing about 10 feet from the car but they were just laughing at my efforts. I banged on the windows for them to let me out of the "bubble" but they were having too much fun watching me try on my own. The next mistake I made was to try to get in the front seat. I put my upper torso on the passager seat and tried to work my legs through but they wouldn't get past the ceiling so I was stuck with my head down at the passenger side foot rest, unable to free myself. I don't know how I ended up getting out of that car, but it took me about 10 minutes.

Once inside the house, we sat on the couches and Jesse waited for his trip to arrive. I was trying to drink beer but I could barely coordinate the bottle to my lips, and the rest of the battle was to get the beer into my mouth. Once I did take a sip of beer, it felt funny in my mouth and I had difficulty swallowing it. It tasted good, it was just hard to drink.

Then we decided to see what the hottub did for our trip. Jesse was starting to feel it a little by now so we slipped on shorts and slid into the boiling water.

By then I was having a hard time comminicating with my 2 closest friends and realized that I was pretty fucked up. I could barely make recognizable words come out of my mouth. It was like baby babble that you can't understand and I had to try really hard to enunciate the words properly so that they could understand what I was trying to say.

The visuals started to kick in about 20 minutes after we got into the hottub. It was a bright moonlit night and there were thin patches of cloud hanging in the sky, in what appeared to be a perfect patern, like a grid of circular clouds. And then to my amazement, (and Joel's too because he said he saw the same thing), the clouds turned into stars and squares and all kinds of different shapes, and each big cloud on this grid turned into a star or whatever shape the others were.

I then started to have a facination with being submerged underwater. The sounds were all muted but I could hear the jets and they sounded like language almost and there is a bright light that lights up the hottub that I became facinated with.

We got bored of the hottub after a while and went inside. Joel and Jesse said that they didn't think they could handle a shower but I wanted one to get the chlorine washed off so I went and took a shower. This part was pretty trippy. Everything in the bathroom, from the toilet to the toothpaste to the bottle of shampoo was it's own entity and had its own personality and I recognized every object in the room as it's OWN object, it's hard to explain. I wasn't talking to all the objects in the room, but I felt like they were all alive and one with myself almost, because I was visiting them by using the bathroom.

Then when I took a shower each drop of water was it's own object and all of the drops of water running all over my body sort of tripped me out, because the water was also a part of me and they were doing something for me by cleaning me and getting the chloring off. I felt deeply thankful and appreciative for what the water droplets were doing for me, for what they were going out of their way to do for me. Like I said, it's hard to explain.

When I came back out to the living room where Joel and Jesse were, I still felt that everything was it's own self. I examine my possesions that I had, a wad of 1's 5's and 10's and 20's that I got from delivering pizzas at my job, to my wallet and my cigarettes and my lighter. I felt like the richest man on the world for having some STUFF. It was like christmas and I was getting things that I had never had before, (even though I had STUFF all day).

Then I started chain smoking........Marlboro Mediums....god they tasted good. As I took a drag I could feel the smoke going in my lungs and it felt like I was getting an internal massage from the cigarette smoke.

I was coming down there and everything got less and less facinating and I just felt used up, like a car that has been driven too far or a wrapper that has lost it's contents. I felt drained. I got Jesse to drive me back to my car at about 5:30 am and I came home and got to sleep at about 10:00 am. As tired as I was, I couldn't sleep.

Anyway, that was my trip and it was a good one. I tripped on shrooms since then but it was the last intense trip that I've been on. I probably ate between 2 and 3 eights of shrooms.

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