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First LSD Trip

Let me start off by saying this: don't buy shit from people you don't know. I got this acid through a friend of mine, and had no clue what the dude's name was (still to this day lmao). So putting that into consideration, me and my tripping buddy (we'll call him "J") had no clue what to expect. Anyways, It was the middle of summer, and my friend and I had been wanting to drop for some time (he already dropped once, but it was my first time). So I picked up the tab and headed over to J's house. We decided to take 1/2 a tab and see where that got us. So I split it up, and J & I took half a tab and headed over to a lake we always go to. We sat there for a little bit as we waited for the acid to kick in, and two other friends (We'll call them A & D) to show up. Once D showed up, we hit up another dude as we were trying to score some nug for the day. Soon after, A showed up and him & D picked up some bud. At this point, it had been an hour and a half and still no effects. J and I were feeling a little tingly in the arms and legs, lol, but other than that; nothing. So we talked about it and decided "fuck it" and each take another half tab. We started to doubt the tabs since we didn't even know the guy, but we were way wrong lmao. Just 10 minutes later the shit really starts to kick in. As we were longboarding to grub, J starts longboarding in circles at a culdesac. He must've longboarded around that culdesac at least 50 time lmao. Not only that but he had his arms out like he was a bird lmfao. This was the funniest shit ever; I couldn't stop laughing lol. This kid was in his zone yo hahaha. We even tried to call his name and shit but he was GONE. This, along with the nonstop laughter and bright colors, was when I realized "shit yo" lol. I think he was stuck in a thought loop or some shit lmao. Anyways, J finally snapped out of it and we started longboarding to Subway lol. Everything was great, the colors were so bright, sharper, and vivid. Shit started getting trippy fast lmao. I was longboarding through a row of cars and noticed a breathing motion in my peripherals. I thought at first each car was pulling out lmao. Anyways, we got in Subway and I managed to order a sandwich. This is where J and I started tripping balls

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