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Apples and Tori

Well the day started out as a usual day.

Well the day started out as a usual day. Then my friends Greg and Ellie (who are twins), came over. We had a few illegal coctails (we're underage) and set out around 5:00 pm. Ellie was driving and she got in a small car accident. I just laughed and walked around the parking lot. Then I saw this guy I met a party once. He came over to me and asked if I wanted some shrooms.
So my friends and I bought a half ounce. Ellie had never dont them before, so greg and I planned to do a litlle more than her. Well we finally end up going home around 12:00am.
We were planning to do them the next day and since thier parents weren't home for the whole week, we had plenty of time. But the temptation was to great. We gave Ivy about 1/16 and Greg and I ate the rest. Ellie got sick from the little amount she ate. She was sick for the first hour. Within 15 minutes Greg and I were laughing and bouncing around on Ellis bed. Ellie's bed was huge. She has a big fluffy down comfeter on it. We both new that we were gonna trip pretty hard, cause in the first hour of taking them, the tapestries were breathing and dancing. We laughed so much, I don't know how we stopped. Ellie was finally done and started to kick back with us.
We vetured out into the kitchen. There was some flower's on the counter, they were simply amazing. Greg was saying how the kitchen was huge, almost like a cathedral. This made me laugh even harder.
We went and sat in the dark living room. I tried to explain the meaning of life to them. But Ellie was to entranced by Greg, who was rolling on the floor. He said how he saw rainbows every where. He sat on the love seat. He said that I looked really tiny on the couch. And that the living room was giant land. Ellie went into her room and came back. Greg started yelling at her that she was a giant, with rainbow's all over her face. By this time I was getting kinda annoyed with the situation, since I wasn't trippin that hard yet.
I went into Ellie's room. I crawled under the big, huge, white blanket. I sat under the blanket and giggled. I kicked the blanket up and let it fall down on top of me. This was so delightful. I was laughing really hard and Greg came in a pulled the blanket off me. I slid of the bed and sat on the floor. Greg grabbed some peacock feathers and gave one to me. We skipped into the living room and gave Ivy one too. Greg sat on the love seat again. He said that the couch was sucking him in and that we needed to go somewhere else. Greg and I went to his room. We tried to put in some music, but we couldn't figure out why his stereo wouldn't work. I saw his diskman on the floor. I nabbed it and found the only recognizable cd, Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral. I put it on the song "A Warm Place". Greg had went off by himself and I went into Ellie's. She had turned on Tori Amos, whom I like even more that Nine Inch Nails. We sat and smiled and listened to Tori. Ellie left the room to find Greg. So I turned on my favorite song, Talula. And started to write some thoughts down. I started to write something about how time was bull shit, when Greg came in and gave me an apple. I took a few bites, when Ellie was saying how she didn't like dirt. I gave her a lecture on how dirt was a beautiful, wonderful thing. Greg had taken over the notebook and was smearing the marker's with the apple's juice. I continued on how dirt was a great thing, Greg put a huge amount of lotion on me. He said that lotion was the great. He jumped up and tried to explain how he was bursting with euphoria. I laughed and understood exactly how he felt. We had these huge perma-grins and exclaimed that Tori, shrooms, apples and lotion, was the perfect blend.
We left Ellie and went into the living room to watch tv. Neither one of us could understand what was going on in any thing that was going on. People's faces were moving and warping. Greg kept talking about the rainbow's in everyone's hair. Everything we watched was so confusing. Greg was conplaing about how the colors were screwed up. i didn't see what he was talking about. So we watched. We saw the weirdest infomercials. This one that had all these fattening foods on it, them would show groes skinny bodies that were sucking in.
We finally decided to call it a night. It was wierd, but I had a hard time falling asleep that night, I had too many thoughts. It was a great experience.

Until next time,

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