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Mescaline Trip


Not too often Mescaline trip reports come up here...so here we go:

June 2014, Festival-  We have a little table with artwork, crafts, baked goods...basically the stuff you'd expect to see at a heady booth.  While enjoying the sights and sounds, 2 female individuals approach.  One in particular, K, headiest person I've ever met.  She swiped up 6 of my free hand blotter arts and said, "they'll love these back home".  

I walked up and asked, "what ya got to barter sister?".  She looks at me, smiles and proceeds to tell me her list of goodies.  I stop her at mescaline as she's rattling off all sorts of stuff.  Mescaline is something I've been curious about for years, but never found a good clean source for it.  We end up chatting for some time and she gives me 3 capsules of mesc.  This lady was like a walking candy store, friends also traded her for some MDMA...smelled of root beer, incredibly pure from what I was told.  
I saved two of the caps of mesc for a later time, dropping one on the spot.  I regret this just a bit, as I was already sideways and did not feel it...I dis respected it and did not take it in proper conditions.

Fast forward to October 2014, a few months later:  Since we're vendors, we got to this fest a full day early.  Saved the two caps for this festival, making sure I took them with nothing else in my system aside from a little herb.  Figured I'd take them that day since since the campers/festie goers had not arrived yet.  

I say a small prayer, drop the caps, swig some water and their down.  
My lady and I decide to go for a walk to see what other booths are setting up.  Within 10 minutes, I feel something churning in my stomach.  This was odd to me as I have a very strong stomach and takes a lot to make my nauseous or sick.  5 more minutes go by and I shed my top layer.  Trying to keep my cool, I don't say anything to my lady as we find this incredible wire wrapper.  While my lady is talking to the wire wrapper, I feel it about to come up.  As low key as I can, I tell my lady I'm gonna be sick...she looks at me weird as she's not used to hearing this from me.  We abruptly leave the wire wrapping booth and make our way towards the honey bucket.  While walking, I feel it moving up towards my throat and I start heaving.  
"We're almost there sweetie, keep it together", my lady tells me.  
I couldn't help but think, "great, I'm "THAT" guy...festie hasn't even started yet and I'm getting sick from psychedelics."
I make it in the honey bucket and start puking up white foam.  After a few heaves, I come out and say "wow, glad that's over"(or so I thought".
She says, "lets go back to camp and re coupe". 

We get back to camp, I tell the crew what happened.  I sit in the chair to relax and calm a bit.  While sitting, I'm thinking wow that was crazy...Nothing has ever made me purge so quickly.  I start to feel the lightness and psychedelic effects, but hard to enjoy with the nausea.  About an hour passes, people asking if I'm okay, becoming somewhat concerned since I don't want to get up or go anywhere.  

All of a sudden, I feel it again.  I must have had a dazed or hazey look in my eyes.  My friend D looks at me and asks, "Dude, are you ok?".  
I look at him starry eyed and try to speak, "I can't keep it tog..."I heave in the middle of talking.  D helps me over to a spot to yak again...but this time it was gonna grab me by the soul.

I purge more white foam.  It drops me to my hands and knees, more white foam comes up.  My eyes are watering, running down my cheek and dripping off.  While on my hands and knees, I freeze and start talking to the mesc..."You win, you got me...I'm done".  I purge again.  The water eyes and psychedelic effect from the mesc was making my vision incredibly blurry.  Another friend M asks "is there anything we can do for you brother"...I mumble, "water".  He hands me a gallon, i go to drink and pour the water all over my face, hardly getting any in my mouth.  The water had a pleasant feel on my skin, it awoke me.  I stay on my knees for a bit trying to grasp everything, breathing deep and accepting what's happening to me.  Friend M says, "how you feel now"?  "Better", I said.
I finally rise after about 20-25 minutes of a completely humbling experience.  Slowly walk over to my chair and plop...starring down at the ground,"wow, that was...unlike anything I've ever experienced".  
Still sitting there, I feel the lightness take over...like sitting on feathers or a cloud.  I tell my friends I think I'm good to go now.  Friend M says, "I thought we lost you for the day".  I smile and say I bounce back like a rubber ball:)  

To get to the state of mind I was looking for, I really had to go through some tough trials.  I knew Mescaline was a purge kind of substance, but my shred of ego thought i would be able to stomach it and march fourth.  Friend M called me a viking and we went on to have perhaps the best festival we're ever attended or vended at.

Grateful for the experience, to know the power of mescaline.  Mushrooms are my psychedelic love, so having respect for any psychedelic substance is part of my nature.  I'm glad I took the mesc and had the experience and not someone else in my crew.  For years, i've been working on staying calm in intense situations, knowing I can't think clearly if my minds not clear.  Doing this while in the grips of a mesc trip purging on my hands and knees...challenging.  

I know one of these days, i'll run into the lady who gave me the mesc and have some good words with her.  She ended up being the talk of the fest, as she was gifting goods out left and right to strangers everywhere.  Much love to her.

Haven't written trip report in a while, hope you enjoyed it...short n sweet:)

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