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Crazy First Trip

5+ G's

This trip was a while ago so I am foggy on memory a little bit. Sorry for some errors, not an expert typer. So we got the mushrooms from my friend Steve. He was unsure about if they were completely dry or not, so  he gave us each 22g of which he said were wet. Mistake on his part.....they were not completely wet. Ended up being like 5gs dry.

We take the mushrooms around 8:00 Pm so we have about  an hour and a half till night.

We had 2 different types of mushrooms. We knew one of the types was dry, and was 1g each of those.

Steve was sitting so Scott and I were tripping. We had not eaten anything all day. 

Come 8:15 and Scott and I started feeling extremely stoned.

We were riding bikes around the driveway and on the road and the asphalt started shifting and churning. We both noticed this. I then closed my eyes and saw a bunch of patterns of red and yellow light. Amazing.

Around 8:40 we are feeling it. We then took a walk into a trail we discovered in the woods. We started feeling it very much, pretty much starting to trip. Come 8:50 we find a good spot to chill in the woods and listen to some music. Before I know it I can no longer find my balance. I got up and couldn't stay up. I knew I needed to get off the trail  so if someone walking their dog or something wouldn't see us. So I managed to get my balance and stumpled into the woods off the trail. Scott and the sitter met up with me. They tell me to sit down, which I did. I stared up at the canopy of the trees and realized I could hardly move. I then had the most spiritual talk with my bros and I started thinking about life and how there has to be somewhere you go after death. I felt as if I was dead. I couldn't move, the visuals were intense. Reality didn't exist anymore and I couldn't conceive it. I felt as if i was floating. I thought I was talking to Jesus at one point. I also apparently smoked a lotta cigs. I saw a glass dome around the trees surrounding us. My friend them made a fire. It felt soon good. I was laying on the ground, not giving a fuck at all. I thought that Time had stopped completely. I didn't notice night time creeping up on us. I was simply dumbfounded.

I think it was about 9:30 when it started getting dark. I didn't care. The sitter actually went back to the house to get food and water and I never even knew he was gone . He them made us leave the woods and go back to the house. I told him if I went back in,  I would be caught cause I could not act sober. I could not even hardly walk to he sat me down in a chair. The other trippers mom walked in. I sat there looking like an idiot. I thought she knew.  I then went up stairs and literally went to hell. I was in the bathroom thinking that I was dying. I couldn't calm down. I then found my phone in my bag and then started listening to ESHAM, which calmed me down. Another friend came over and started tripping also haha. The next few hrs were a comedown that I welcomed. It started out amazing but going inside freaked me out. I will never trip inside. It's almost like I can't Handle being taken from the outdoors. 

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