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Totally wiped out of this reality.


After 20 years break from my last dose of liberty cap mushrooms, I happened to stumble upon a field full on a small camping trip I took.
A couple of nights later my wife and children where asleep in bed. I decided to eat a small handful of half dry liberty caps.

About 20 minutes later I had the cropping strange feelings resounding through my body, visuals colours shimmering on everything I gazed upon.
It was a familiar feeling, one I remembered from before.
But I was soon to realise that this was going to be the strongest trip I had ever been on.
I soon felt over whelmed and had to get up from my chair in the dining room and go lay down on the sofa in the dark of my living room as  was completed disorientated and confused.
From this point on I don't know where I went or for how long.

I had no body, I was just flying through different scenarios of lives I had already lived,  and ones I had not lived yet.
But in every life I lived my daughter was the centre and the most important thing I ever had at the end of each life.
I was then shown that while we humans look out and marvel at our technologies and think we can master the universe, we do not realise we are actually been observed by the very things we dismiss as beneath us.
I was traveling down tunnels and looking at different dimensions and was looking at our world but on a branch of many and how people try to control us in this one, I saw how people where tricked into destroying themselves for no reason.

I was shown the mycelium is a corridor and branches into other dimensions and is connected to everything, we
 are observed through this technology.
Then I started to come round, when I opened my eyes I was flashing in and out of different realities, I was on my kitchen floor, I didn't know how I got there.
I layer there for what seemed to be an eternity paralysed. 
Eventually I managed to get up and was complete disorientated. 
Quiet panicked to what had just happened and what I saw.
I waited down stairs until I felt able and fine to go to bed.
I woke up and wrote this.
I can not even begin to truly try and describe what happened but I have done my best.
Thanks for reading.

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