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Fun fun fun

For about the past year or so i searched for LSD. After many false hopes, LSD finally found me. My friend C was able to procure a unperforated strip of acid through a friend who dealer was having a going out of business sale.

Prior to this day i had lots of experience with weed in regular herb, concentrates such as wax and edibles.

To prepare for the trip i went to the boxing gym to work out any bad energy and also got a hair cut. I also wore comfortable sneakers and a bracelet my friend made me along with my favorite ring.

My mental state was eager, happy but nonchalant towards anything negative to keep away a bad trip

C picks me up from my house and drives me to our friends the Hernandez brothers who would not know we are tripping at first. C splits the strip into thirds. My novice self thinks this is the standard size for 1 hit when it's actually about 2. At about 3pm we take a hit each and begin to watch one of the Hernandez brothers play "the watcher". Later we play "Super Mario brothers 8" where after a few games i notice the acid is taken effect. I notice a metallic taste in my mouth. My friend C is no longer able to take the bright colors of the game and complains we switch to a different game. We play the old school game "zombies ate my neighbors". As i watch them play i start to see the binary code moving around the screen. My electronic cigarette becomes bent and as i try to fix it it would curve. One of the hernandez brothers moves his hand and i start to see tracers. I fully start to accept that i am trippin. At around this point we tell the hernandez bros that we are trippin who are upset that we didn't share. They have over bearing parents so we were scared to give it to them. I start to play catch with my phone...when i toss it ,it shines like a ball of light and my reflexes are so heightened i catch it instinctively.

We realize the hernandez brothers mother is coming home. We head to the backyard to chill at a glass table after unsuccessfully deciding where to go. The current time is close to 5pm. I play the french jazz soundtrack for  "la planete sauvage" after i found out the rap group "flatbush zombies" sampled it for their beat. At this point the music syncs with my breathing and as i put my hand on the glass table i feel it breathing. I notice the clouds is swirling with the sky and i get lost in it. What i kinda hated was that i couldn't fully space out as i had to keep part of myself in reality to talk to my sober friends which included S who showed up to chill but didn't know i was high. One of the hernandez brothers start helping me with my boxing stance and line of sight that's when i notice lines everywhere...they were even flowing over the glass table like a waterfall. I stare up while ignoring the negative conversation my friends were having and noticed birds sitting on rooftops thinking it was beautiful. I resented the fact that my friends were so into their phones and negative convos to notice the beauty of nature.

The time is now 7pm. My friends decide they are hungry. Me i lost all feelings of my stomach and don't know that i'm hungry. We eventually decide to drive to a colombian restaurant...i'm black and loved the idea of trying it. My belief of karma was strongly reinforced when i remembered C owed me dinner and that i would be getting a free. After arguing over who would drive it was decided that C would drive while tripping. S went home.

We drive through a ghetto more depressing my neighborhood...i describe it as a real shit hole located near hofstra university. We finally make it to the restaurant. My friend C reminded me of a pirate and the whole atmosphere felt like we were on a island restaurant shack even though the restaurant was a fancy place.

I eat my meal of chicken cutlet, fries  and rice. The whole time i resisted the strong urge to eat with my hands to avoid looking to weird. We finally leave , and drive to Wendy to pick up the Hernandez bros mother food. I sat in the car thinking weird thoughts like how i felt evolved like a pokemon. In my case magikarp to gyarados. And also how i would sacrifice a limb to bring back a friend like in fullmetal alchemist.

The time is close to 10 , my face hurts from chewing the same piece of gum since 3. We drop the Hernandez brothers off home. C and I walk around for a hour or so smoking a black and mild bonding about our future plans. It was during this time i was informed i didnt take a regular one hit but more as he had divided it in thirds. After deciding to go home around 12 my friend she texts me that her goldfish that i named has died and it symbolizes to me the end of my trip.

After getting home i realize i love my annoying family.. i didn't fall asleep until around 5am.

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