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Animal Persona

*Note, All the names excluding my own are changed.

*Note, All the names excluding my own are changed.

This was my fourth time doing Magic Mushrooms. I had done them once at school, twice by myself and once with two good friends.
It was my house party, I planned on having about thirty people over, a large shin-dig.
I'm sketchy as hell, so I was nervous before I even did anything.
My friends Geoff, Geoff and Kelsey came over and they brought alot of beer, Jd and Geoff's new, stupid crazy Hooka. I took a hit off the hooka and got high off one hit, which was rare. My friends Diana and Billy came over and joined the fun.
The shams had yet to arrive.
Soon Sam and Nathaniel came over too. We sat by the camp fire. There we smoked more weed, I had a few beer and we waited for more friends to arrive.
After awhile alot of people had come over, at least forty then Drew and Jamie came, and they were packing the shams. I took what Drew said to be three grams of shake but aparently it was good. I consumed them dry with some very old and stale 7-Up. A girl I really liked caught me doing them and I was embarresed.
By this time alot of people had come, about 60. This would be the peak for the night.
I smoked alot more weed, probably close to two full grams to myself. I jammed with friends on the drums and guitar and drank some more beer.
The effects did not kick in for at least 45 minutes. I thought I had done too little so I just chilled in my motorhome.
I was wrong.
I was lying in the back bed, when suddenly all the nerves in my body went on high alert. Every touch, smell, taste, sound and sight was magnified. I couldn't comprehend everything that was being thrown at me, I was having information overload.
It felt like my heart was exploded, I grunted in pain. When my friends told me to calm down, I yelled "Go Away." and that quickly became my slogan for the night. For an hour my friends tried to chill me out but I told them to "Go Away."
After awhile fireworks started going off and I was getting mad at the assholes firing them. I stepped outside and everyone was done shooting.
Billy had been shot in the face with some roman candles but was okay.
Being in pretty good shape, I jogged for close to half-an hour, making sure everyone was having fun and was okay.
The sequence of the following events is uncertin.
I found Geoff and gave him $20. $5 for himself and $15 for 5 cent candies. Thirty minutes later he returned with a plastic bag on treats. I thought he wanted to fight me when he got back because he had a angry tone, but he was just tired. Aparently he pissed on the gas station.
I handed out the candy. To calm down I talked to the Girl I liked but she was freaked out due to my tripping. Patterns began to form over my eyes, like see-through, chrome felt strecthed over my eyes. The patterns were shaped like birds and flowers. I was tripping.
I went inside to calm down. My sister who lives very far away was visiting. I haden't seen her in months. Right then the Animal Personas took over. She looked like this grumpy fat cat, I couldn't handle it. I ran outside and found my friends had turned into everything from Werewolves to Catipillars to Jessica Simpson to lost little kids. I was freaking out. I found Nathanial and Sam making out. They looks like beatles having sex.
After this not much happened. People came and left, I calmed down and had some amazing conversations with people about life in general.
At five Am I remembered I had to work at nine. So I went to bed.
It was a wicked trip. Every drop of dew or moisture looked like a field of diamonds. The stars were blazing beacons of hope and scale. The camp fire made me think about everything from animals to biology to religon.
Magic Mushrooms get a bad rep alot, but I think they are beautiful. They open up reserves of confidence, determination and hope that wouldn't exsist without them.
Now if only I could do them more then three times a year...

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