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A great first trip.

A rollercoaster, love it, hate it, amazing...

Things I find relevant to include:


Dosage: Unknown; leftovers from a friend, ~2-3g. Covered the surface of a toast(unground, in small pieces). I hadn't eaten for about 6 hours since around 6pm. I am a 160lb male.

Setting: At a friend's house (with the friend), mostly dark everywhere. Started in the basement watching tv and then went to his room upstairs. Cannot get caught by certain people but they were sleeping.

Level choice: I find it hard to decide/know. I pretty much didn't hallucinate but I feel as though I went pretty deep thinking-wise.

Religious beliefs: None/atheist. I believe in science but I definitely think there is a greater force/energy behind the fact that we have a mind/consciousness/soul.

Music choice: EDM, during the trip I preferred more relaxed songs, but pretty much anything passed as long as it wasn't hardstyle or strong dubstep.

Expectations/what I wanted from the trip: Understanding of what people describe in trip reports (I have read many level 1-5), different/more precise views on mysterious subjects(space, death, religion, etc), and answers to questions/solutions to problems.

I mostly wrote this the same day (later) and the day after. I'll be editing it if I remember any other details. It was natural to write in the present tense, as I was looking at my memories while writing, but for some reason it looked more normal in the past tense so I tried to change it to mostly that.

The trip: (Start: 1:30, peak: 3:30, end: 5:05) happened 07/24/2015

Before everything (~10:30-00:00) - Chilling at my friend's house with his gf, watching them play games and eventually just tv. I prepared our vape to have some weed before I took the shrooms. My friend ended up convincing me not to take weed for my first trip and I'm glad I didn't. My friend wasn't taking shrooms since he's done it a few times and we didn't really have enough for 2 strong trips.

00:20 - Intended to take the shrooms earlier, but I didn't have any opportunities. Now I did, but instead of putting it in a peanut butter sandwich (as planned, to mask the taste) I tried some chunks and it tasted bad but it was mostly the texture (so dry!) that made me decide to just make a sandwich.

00:30 - The sandwich was done, I started to eat it now. I was still watching tv with my friend and his girlfriend.

1:00 - I finished eating the sandwich (I normally eat slowly plus the texture was weird). I swear I felt an uplifting, giggly buzz after only a couple bites. Likely placebo. We now left on a short car ride to return my friend's gf to her place.

1:15 - Back to the house, I felt nothing (except a slight amount of the placebo from before), but I noticed my huge pupils in the mirror, I thought it looked really cool. I soon after started feeling something creep up on me. It felt like I was a little tipsy.

1:30 - We grabbed some things in his room before we headed downstairs. We were watching tv. I definitely felt something by now. My whole body was fuzzy, my mind getting filled with different thoughts, too quickly to analyse them. It took a lot of effort to formulate a sentence, so I wasn't talking much anymore. I wanted to tell my friend so much about how I'm feeling, but it was too difficult, fuck that. Not too long after it started it started being a little uncomfortable though, it felt very unusual and the fuzziness was strong. Now I was simply laying on a couch/mattress, watching tv, didn't really understand but it kind of looked cool.

2:00 - We went from watching Bojack Horseman to a show/documentary about nature, and to Family Guy. Bojack was too complicated and rapid, I couldn't understand. My friend put the nature show, it was underwater things, it was amazing and made me think of how big/varied this world is. Although it kind of creeped me out a lot, it was dark and the sounds were odd. So I told my friend and he put Family Guy.

2:10 - Family Guy was also too fast, I closed my eyes and tried to think about many things. I couldn't really think as I was being bothered by the tv, although after a little bit I felt bonded to the mattress I was laying on. My head stuck to a pillow, body & arm to mattress, other arm to a blanket. I realize I am just tripping and heard of this kind of thing before, but it felt great. I really wanted to think though and I couldn't cause of the tv. I un-bonded myself and I felt as I just got new skin. I told my friend I didn't like the tv so we picked up our things and went to his room. I noticed nothing is really how I expected it, at all, and I could not really relate to anything I've seen so far on trip reports. One thing I really noticed was that time was passing normally (everyone says otherwise[this changes later]).

2:20 - We were in his room, he was mostly on his phone, I felt the bed was really soft on my newly fuzz-enveloped body. I had been constantly tripping a little more and more since it all started. When downstairs and here too I insisted that we vape, I think it will make me feel more comfortable and I'm not afraid because I am used to it (I vape daily). My friend kept telling me I shouldn't because it might make me bad trip. I just listened because my reality was already so altered anyways.

2:30 - In the silent, dark room I enjoyed the silence and tried to explore my thoughts, but I couldn't control where I was going. There were some odd, creepy thoughts in my head, but I couldn't think of what I wanted to, such as problems in my life or questions about the world. I could see (in my head) some really nice cat-like eyes, green or uncolored/black. I could also see some kind of tiny faces with a small mouth, pointy, evil teeth; creepy. These faces and eyes presented themselves under some kind of obstacles I have to get through, I remember one time it was like a bunch of folded cloths on eachother, and I had to unfold them, only to discover a tunnel filled of faces leading down to the next set of obstacles.

2:45 - My friend asked if I wanted music, I said yes so he put some music from my phone and then some on his phone and it sounded great. I was still feeling overly fuzzy and uncomfortable so at this point I kind of wanted it to end, it wasn't letting me think of what I wanted or see anything special (with my eyes not in my head), but I knew it wasn't going to end (yet). So I enjoyed what I could of it; at this moment, the bed and the music, attempting to ignore the awkward feelings. This lasted a little while, and my friend was vaping during this time. He asked me a question about the vape which was meant to confuse me and worked, was asking about a blue light referring to it as red, knowing I wasn't having visual hallucinations, it really fucking confused me at the time but we laughed a lot (really comforting feeling at this moment).

3:00 - I needed to pee, so I went (the bathroom is just beside his room). As I got up I realized how difficult it is to move in this current state. I did not want to wake anyone so moving slowly was not a problem. I made it to the bathroom, every movement extremely slow. I look at myself in the mirror, think a lot about how I am attached to this corpse, I am not this body. I am in it. This corpse is what allows me to be part of this world. I didn't focus on this too much. I pee, and some farts surprised me too but I managed to hold it in cause I didn't feel like pooping. I washed my hands and (slowly) made my way back to the room. Going from strong light in the bathroom to darkness (everywhere else) was really weird, I enjoyed the light, but knew it couldn't stay. I did everything super slow, but I accidentally slammed the door closed which was open 3 inches. My friend laughed his ass off when he saw that (knowing I'm trying not to make noise/doing everything slowly) and then I realized it and also laughed. My friend stopped the music sometime around this time, I didn't really mind but I was enjoying the music.

3:15 - Now it was just silent, my friend was done vaping and he was just on his phone. I can't exactly remember what was going on during this time; I believe I was attempting to think, or looking at the odd visuals in my head. My friend fell asleep around this time. I felt like I wanted to go outside (knew I couldn't).

Before this point I want to say that deep thoughts begin, and I want to detail them but this is already very long so I'll only give the general idea on what they're about.

3:30 - Peak starts here, I would say. My friend was snoring, breathing loudly, it was really annoying, but I didn't want to wake him up, I already felt a little bad that I was the only one tripping. At this point, I didn't have weird visuals in my head anymore, and I was starting to be able to think. I couldn't really go anywhere with the questions or reflect on them, only asking myself things I never would've thought of before. I also really wanted to go outside, roll around in the grass, but given the circumstances I knew I couldn't. I was constantly being interrupted (in my thoughts) by my friends' breathing, at this point I realized how annoying the breathing was and it just needed to stop. So I prepare to listen to music (with headphones), but first, I realized I needed to pee, not much, but I did, and I thought that getting up a little bit would feel nice.

3:37[big part] - This is the time I saw on my phone before I went to the bathroom. I headed to the bathroom, and again, I considered the fact that this is not me, I am the mind in this body. This body allows me to have a place in this world... I noticed that when I look around, particularly at the floor, things were a little distorted. Not exactly distorted, but things left a trail behind them ex(a box/square): []]]]]. I sat on the toilet, peed a little bit, realized I kind of needed to poop, so I slowly do. I didn't really want to, but I just told myself this is one of the things this body has to do, it goes through these cycles to stay well (this is one of those cycles). I noticed a slight breeze coming through the window which was right beside me, and I also clearly heard some crickets outside, which felt great. I realized how silent (other than the nature noises) it is here, no loud breathing, it is amazing. For what seemed like a long time, I just enjoyed this silence. No thoughts, no movement, complete emptiness. It was really nice. After that, I moved on to deep thoughts, I remember wondering a lot why we are so civilized, why are there not some people who decide to go live free in the wilderness... I then wondered why we do ANYTHING of what we do, while we dont understand any of this; what is all of this for, is there a bigger goal for human life? It can't just be a coincidence of conditions on this planet, it has to be bigger than that. Why do we go for that job, diploma, girl, high score, big house, etc... When none of it means anything in the bigger picture. How are we able to continue with our lives without wondering what this is all for... After that, I began to wonder about the afterlife. It can't just end. I couldn't think of any ideas of what it could be, but I just knew all the energy in our minds can't just vanish. I was baffled by the fact that this is still unknown, and there is no way to get in touch with the deceased to understand how it is. I kind of wanted to see how it is; considered dying to see what it's like. Of course I can't do that, there is too much to life, I'll see what death is like when it comes. These are the main thoughts I could remember. I know for sure there was a lot more, and a lot in regards to nature/outside things. The time at the bathroom felt like a very long time, and I didn't spend THAT much time on the mentioned thoughts. I finished up pooping and washed my hands, getting ready to go back to the room. Before I open the door I realize I am in the light, and like last time, I will have to go into the dark. I enjoy the light another couple seconds and head back to the room.

4:12 - This is the time I saw on my phone when I got back to the room. It felt MUCH longer than the 35 minutes it was, maybe like 2-3 hours. My friend wasn't snoring anymore, awesome. I keep thinking and go back on what I just experienced in the bathroom, realize that, finally, I got what I wanted from shrooms. But it wasn't done yet, there's some time to keep going. I couldn't really think as much as I was in the bathroom for some reason. I looked at my friend sleeping and I'm kind of surprised that he fell asleep and let me trip alone, needing to not get caught and everything. Good thing I decided not to go outside earlier... Damn I wanted to go outside (again). I realized my friend was snoring again. Fuck. Well I put in some music with headphones as I was planning earlier.

4:20 - As I couldn't really think much like earlier, I felt as though the best part of the trip was done. I still felt very fuzzy/uncomfortable, unable to sleep, so like before, I enjoyed what I could from the trip, and like before again, the music and the bed. I notice a lot of things in songs I didn't see before, and focus on/prefer different parts than usual. This took long, but I was more used to the awkwardness now, it wasn't too bad.

5:00 - I had been starting to notice the sky was getting a little brighter. The shadows on the ceiling were more noticeable. I took off a headphone for a second and realized some birds have started to chant. They sound great. At this point, most of the awkward feelings have gone away, what remained is a comfortable fuzz over my body, and I felt relaxed, and happy that I was able to experience what I did. After these feelings, I began to, in my head, thank the mushroom for taking me on this wonderful journey and taking it easy on me, not showing me insane visuals that would creep me out.

5:05 - During this moment of comfort, I decided to continue listening to music, but after like one song, I realized I was now able to sleep in this state, the trip was done, and that I should probably sleep because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep for very long. I put my phone/headphones away and go to sleep.

5:10 - Deep asleep.
The ~5 hours of sleep I had that night(morning?) were really... Deep, and efficient. I woke up feeling... Amazed, I felt very refreshed but also confused on the idea that my questions remained unanswered, and my body also felt somewhat reborn, as if I was a snake who just skinned.

I think I will do shrooms again in the future, despite how generally uncomfortable they feel. I will want to do them outside, during the day, in nature, not having anything to hide. I want to go deeper and get more out of my thoughts.

If you took the time to read everything, thank you very much! Please let me know in the comments if you can relate to anything or let me know your point of view on the things discussed.

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