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Magic forest.

Life changing camping trip.

I'm writing this report almost a year after the trip itself, I understand that this might seem silly as the details and things like timings could be a bit confused, but the trip reports on this site were always so interesting and useful for me I just feel I should try and piece things together and share. So here goes ....

As a precursor- my first drug experience (apart from weed) was with some friends in a camping spot in a forest near where we live (north england). Me and a few friends all dropped half a pill of ecstasy that my friend who we will call Poppy got for us, I spent a lot of that night walking up and down a never ending field (about 4 minute walk from camping spot) watching the light reaching from the horizon into the stars. 

A few months later Poppy told me she could get some shrooms and was going to go back to the camping spot, I was very excited to revisit my field. We tried to get lots of people involved but it ended up with just four of us- Poppy and her friend Mary and my friend Jon, Jon had never met Poppy or Mary. We were all about 17-19. 

I spent the week leading up to it madly researching and reading trip reports on here. One report I read involves a guy having a bad trip, remembering a word of power from something he read once (emerald tablet of thoth), "ZIN URU", saying it, and being delivered into light and peace and joy by the word. I decided that if it helped him it could help me too so tried to remember it as a mantra, not so much in a spiritual way more just trying to form a positive mental connection with the word in case I got a bad trip. 

None of us had done shrooms before, we all met on a lovely evening and set up our tents in a little clearing, we sat around and chatted for a bit. I'm unsure of the type or weight or anything, but basically Poppy had a bag of dry tiny mushrooms. Her source had told her that we should all eat 20 and then should be set for the night. At around 11pm we all carefully counted out 20 into our hands and ate them, they tasted fairly unpleasant. We went for a little walk into the woods, it was very dark and we were using head torches which looked pretty cool against the dark forest. We got back to the tent after what must have been 20/30 minutes feeling nothing noticeable but some giggles. We decided to eat 20 more cause we were laughing a fair bit but no visuals, I went over to the side of the campsite to go for a piss, then looked up and realised I was tripping.

The tree branches above me where all intermingled in a beautiful kaleidoscopic pattern, visual tripping was pretty much completely new to me and I shouted the guys to let them know because we'd all been pretty sceptical as to whether anything was going to happen . We were all laughing around the tents and trying to eat biscuits, but they were too dry for our mouths so we got angry and started throwing them around and laughing, I was tripping a bit more than everyone else but still mainly just in the sky and branches. We decided to go for a walk around the forest. This must have been around 12/1ish, we were all tripping at this point visually and I was started to feel a real body high which I'd never felt before. We were walking along a road and I suggested the guys had some more to try catch up with me trip wise, we all ended up having a handful. 

At this point it must have been about 2/3ish, I'm not 100% sure of any details. I think that the road we were walking along was very wet and muddy with huge puddles, I was taking immense pleasure in walking straight through them, there is a chance the ground was completely dry though. The road led to a T junction and we were trapped between walking back the way we came and going out into the other road, I think a few cars drove past and flashed by. All the lights on the road stretched out like they were taken in a high speed moving photo and the cars left behind trails of lights. At the time we were trying to work out if there were actually any cars or if we were just tripping, I was trying to convince everyone that there were definitely no cars and we were just paranoid. At the time I believed I was being the voice of reason but in retrospect there were definitely cars. At this point we were pretty desperately trying to make a decision as to whether to carry on onto the next road or go back the way we came, it was pretty hysterical but also slightly frustrating that we just couldn't make any decisions.

In the end I think we went back to the campsite the way we came, probably got some drinks or something and headed off in the other direction towards the never ending field (just a big field), I was walking ahead from the guys quite fast. My memory of this point is quite vivid, I was walking in huge strides with very bent legs, my jaw was chewing very slowly in a huge motion and my arms were spreading out and curling back in. There was a horse in field below the path and over the river which looked pretty magical, I think it was white. All my muscles were tensing and untensing in an almost orgasmic way that felt amazing and I was hunched over with all my limbs bent. I turned back to the guys in slow motion and told them to have some more, so we all had another handful. We tried to get to the field but there was either a horse in the way or we thought there was a horse in the way, I'm still not sure.

We carried on walking a different way which led to some hilly rocky paths which we climbed through, at this point my vision was black and white with only red, blue and green taking different spots in my eye-line. I couldn't really understand any sound but I remember Poppy was talking and I could see the sounds either radiating from her when I was looking at her, or just appearing on the sides of my vision to reinforce the fragmented noises around me and help me understand. I think somehow I was talking but I don't know what I was saying or how well it fit into the conversation.

At this point I'm not sure what happened but we must have got back to the campsite, my next memory is all sat on rocks or camping chairs in the clearing. It was very dark so we sat around with the headtorches, I think Mary was pretty much holding up the conversation with some input from Poppy, Jon was quite quiet and we were all a bit tense, I was chainsmoking roll ups and the feeling of rolling the tobacco in the paper was incredibly smooth and satisfying, the cigs were all rolled perfectly as I took a lot of care and attention over them.
I started to try and remember my real life, I was speaking out loud in third person, remembering my direct family member's names and the names of Jon, Poppy and Mary. I tried to tell a story to the guys but all I could come up with was "There was a boy called ......., and he went to the woods with his friends, Jon and Mary and Poppy, and they had mushrooms and then..." I couldn't really get any further into the story though so I stopped.

Everyone's faces were distorted into the demonic animal versions of themselves, Jon's was like a grey smudge with small dark  eyes smeared across, Mary's was burning dark red and Poppy who was sat a little further away had huge dark black seipping eyes that took most of her otherwise white face, and had taken on the features of an owl. Poppy started to say she was not having a good time and we all tried to reassure her, she was calling out fairly loudly into the dark. Thinking back I'm surprised I wasn't feeling any fear, the faces and sounds would probably have felt like a nightmare if I was thinking rationally but it was in no way a bad trip. I told her and Mary about Zin Uru (I had told Jon before) and we all tried it, I don't think it did anything for the guys except for working as a distraction to think about as we all calmed down. I personally found it very useful, repeating the words was almost acting as a lifeline into reality, I couldn't remember much but the word acted as reassurance that I had been a person before the evening and would be a person again by morning time. I was watching the ground illuminated by my blueish torchlight and the brown leaves were moving around under the watery light like strange crustations scuttling about under what looked like incredibly clear shallow water.

We all tried to go to bed, I was sharing a tent with Jon. The sleeping bag felt quite uncomfortable and a little cold so I wrapped teeshirts round my head and tightened the cord around the head hole in the sleeping bag leaving only my mouth exposed to breath. The closed eye visuals were incredibly intricate but not at all natural or fractal, it was almost like the old microsoft screen saver with a black background and pipes coming off in all directions interweaving in different colours, but each pipe was like a tiny comic strip with exciting colours and action going on, I could zoom in to watch each strip while also seeing the image as a whole. The tent was fairly uncomfortable and sweaty so me and Jon decided to get up and go for a cigarette, it was quite light at this point and me and Jon walked to the never ending field, we wandered up and down as things returned to normal. I was feeling pretty much completely sane again but Jon was still tripping a little. I felt incredibly clear headed and the air felt crisp and gorgeous compared to being in the tent.  We had some cigs and then went back and saw Poppy and Mary at the campsite.

We all packed up the tents and me and Jon parted ways with Mary and Poppy. Me and Jon walked to my house and fell asleep for a fair while. I felt completely new afterwards for weeks which is lovely, and it opened my eyes a lot to the beauty in the world and changed my perspective a fair bit.

Sorry about the terrible phrasing and confusing timeline I can only really remember certain bits of it and nothing else, but the memory is very vidi, it was fun writing and remembering different bits of it and trying to piece it together. It seems silly but Zin Uru has actually helped me out in a lot of experiences since that night. Overall I think the trip must have lasted only about 6 hours, but was stupdily intense and the return to feeling sane again after I got up out of the tent was literally only about 10/15 minutes. All in all very glad that we took way more than suggested. Sorry I can't be clearer on any amounts or details.

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