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Animal house

About three months ago, a friend of mine decided that he was going to grow mushrooms.

About three months ago, a friend of mine decided that he was going to grow mushrooms. with the prospect of cheap mush on the horizon i whole-heartedly embraced the idea. He did not follow the directions percisely and it took 3 months to get the little guys to pin. yesterday was the first time that we were actually able to test out his crop.

As we downed the mushrooms a friend of mine said that they didn't look like they would have any psychoactive effects, but i maintained my faith. half an hour later, the inital effects of the trip began. My friends around me seemed really fried really quickly, and i became puzzled. drugs usually hit me very quickly and my trip peak also come on quickly.

after staring at the clock for 15 minutes, i finally began to trip. table that i was sitting at began to look like an antique kitchen table. this amused me for a moment, but i felt the need to experince somthing more intense.

i then found a beanie baby monkey that was lying on the floor. the monkey began to look at me in a strange way as if to say " i want to dance". i picked up the monkey and began to make it dance around. my friends crowded around and became amazed at this monkey. Then someone brought out a strobe light and it was as if the monkey was at some sort of dance party. then techno music started to play and i really got into this dancing monkey. suddenly the floor (which was tan colored carpet) turned into sand. the monkey was now dancing in the desert. the sand became to move to the rythum that the monkey set forth. Then to my amazement, i had both my hands in my pockets. the monkey had become toatally independent of me. he contued to dance in his little desert home for what seemed like eternity. The tempo at which the monkey was dancing stedaly increased until the monkey was vibrating at an increadable speed. Then the monkey began to rise from the floor while still virbrating. at the very moment that the monkey's feet left the floor, the vibrations spopped and the monkey fell to the floor.

this monkey escapade was followed by seeing a zebra in a striped bed sheet.the sheet began to take on a three dimetional texture with valleys and crest on the sheet. the valleys and crest then arrange themselves to form a zebra. the zebra simled at me and ran away.

this was without a doubt the strangest trip that i have ever exerienced. i think that the animal imagery was due to the presence of a dog and numerous fish in the house. This made me feel like i was in some sort of zoo enclosure. i did not however go totally Doctor Doolittle, but ther is always next time!

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