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angel from heaven

hey fellow trippers, i'm gonna make it brief.

hey fellow trippers, i'm gonna make it brief. i remember i bought about half an eighth for forty...i was feinin for shrooms. i thought that i wasn't gonna trip all that hard but when it hit me i was fucked up. i remember sittin at the kitchen table smokin a bogie and lookin at the smoke in amazement. unfortunately my friend Nick c disturbed me but when i looked at him we both started to laugh. then i remember watchin cartoons on this girls couch and once i stood up i kept on slowly standin on my tippy toes because i thought that i was an angel and i could just start floatin away.never happened so i was rather upset.then later in the evening when i went home my mom was up so i decided to go in to my backyard behind my pool and i remember i closed my eyes and i started to slowly move around and wave my hands around it felt like an out of body experience. and well to tell you the truth the 40 dolars was defenitly worth feelin like an angel. keep on trippin
ShOuToUts----> to the west havens and the tru colonie trippers. peace

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