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A night I will always remember.

Well, it started out a couple days ago when I saw my buddy who always sold me shrooms and he drove up and asked me if I wanted some shrooms.

Well, it started out a couple days ago when I saw my buddy who always sold me shrooms and he drove up and asked me if I wanted some shrooms. I declined. the next day I had 40 dollars and called him up. He told me he'd sell me 7 grams for 30 bucks. so I agreed and bought em. I took em home, they where all caps but the caps had been crushed up. I was watching 70's show at about 9Pm so I took the mushies outta my pocket, opened the bag and dumped all 7g in my mouth. I chewed em up.(I am not sure what strain but I think they where p.Cubensis). I then swallowed them and gagged becuz I hate the awful taste. I then ate a vitamin C pill and drank some orange juice. For the rest of the 45 minutes I watched 70's show. Becuz my stomach had been full they didnt fully kick in until 1 hour and 5 minutes after eating them. I had a buzz but the buzz made me feel good and had soon escalated to its peak. I then decided to go and watch Family Guy. It was amazing. How the characters acted and left trails. After that I got up and went to look in a mirror. I walked into the bathroom and I saw whut appeared to be a mist. The walls where breathing and I stared into the mirror. My face began to shrink and go old. I was covered in pimples and my eyebrows went bushy. Then I was getting confused so I left and went on the computer. I opened ASE and entered a server for Quake 3. I had never realized how trippy Quake 3 is. I was a fat character that looked like a monster and was chasing other people. I was way outta porportain of the game. I didnt know whut to do. and I could not make a single hit. Soon after, which appeared to be several hours, it wuz 12:00 and I was still on quake. I continued to play quake until 1:00. when then I had thought the visuals had been finished. I surfed the internet for a couple of hours then left for bed. I lay down in bed and looked around. there where little streaks of color. I blinked fast and started singing colored mushrooms in my head. Then All of a sudden I was floating to heaven. Where god and the angels had been greeting me. I was happy and okay with death. When then I opened my eyes and was back in my room. I went and got up to get some water and the time. It had been 3 AM already. So I closed my eyes and went to bed again. When then I fell asleep. I woke up at 10:00 AM with need for a smoke and extremely tired. That was the best trip I had ever had. Which I am hoping to do again in a couple weeks!

Happy Shroomin!

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