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First time on 2.5g of Cubes

Very good, but hot day.

Just a little preface to understand the situation:
A few friends and I went camping in 100 degree weather out in the woods and all ate roughly the same amount of mushrooms.

I ate my share in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, couldn't even tell that they were in there.
During the come up, I got really giggly and started feeling very light. After a while, I started feeling rather tingly and it felt like my face just kind of melted and all the blood had left. Then, my depth perception started to change, kinda like looking at a 3DS with the 3D turned all the way up. If my friend was standing in front of me, the background behind him seemed really far away. We then took a walk in the woods as I was peaking and all I could focus on was where I was walking because I had to be very precise and not get stuck in thorns. I lost my sense of direction and was just following our friend because he knew where to go because he owned the place. Our friend was being a Gandalf to us, he was guiding us through the woods and was also being our trip sitter.

 Once we got out of the woods, I was at my peak and the sun was significantly brighter and colors were a lot more vivid. I had this very uplifting, calm mindset that really helped me push through the ridiculous heat. The best part was when I just stopped and took the time to look at my surroundings. There was a very calm atmosphere, hearing the wind going through the trees was very relaxing. If I looked off into the distance, I could see that things where kind of breathing but not too much, I really had to focus. The rest of the experience was mostly spent inside the tent and we were just talking and smoking. 

Overall, the experience was very vivid and intense. The heat made it intense but once I got used to it, it didn't bother me as much. 
I'd definitely like to take a large dose next time. They didn't really affect me as much as the others since I am a taller, larger person, but I definitely enjoyed my first mushroom experience.

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