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My most powerful psychedelic experience by far (30mg 2C-E & Cannabis)

I thought I might go crazy.


I am fairly experienced with psychedelics and the stages of the psychedelic experience. I have done a multiple amount of psychedelics, some only once, and some multiple times. The usual (mushrooms, LSD, etc.) and research chemicals (4-AcO-DMT, 2C-C, etc.)


Ill try to make this report quick, but with detail, (it should be long). Ill split the entire experience into three stages.

Stage 1

It started off really nice, visual wise. I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for my friend, I remember staring at the ground, and it was moving around and morphing, it was enjoyable to watch. I remember thinking that I really liked this psychedelic so far, because it wasn't much 'in the head', I could think clearly, think sober, but there was really good visuals everywhere. The most visuals I've seen on any psychedelic (so far, I think). About 2 hours later, I just felt great. The world I was living in became much more enjoyable, exciting, and amazing. Until I smoked weed. Since I was having such a great time, I thought a joint wouldn't hurt...

Stage 2

I remember saying to my friend that this was my favorite psychedelic by far, very nice visuals, and not the usual 'in-head' experience/thoughts that psychedelics give you. Until we've decided to smoke weed, I smoked a big joint of high quality cannabis, the stain was Snow White. Five minutes after finishing the joint, my 2C-E experience SPIKED. Remember when I said how it wasn't 'in the head' as much? Well now it was, and the most powerful 'in head' experience I have ever experienced on psychedelics. At one point I was actually scared that I would go crazy for a while. I actually believed that I would go crazy, I told my friends, then I would just go back into my head and re-evaluate everything about my life. It would get stronger every minute. I had insane complex thought. It was too introspective, like LSD X10. I had to try really hard not to go crazy, it felt like my ego was being erased, then once its gone, i'm gone. Closed eye visuals were ridiculous (insanely amazing), but I only closed my eyes for around 10 seconds. It was more powerful than LSD and mushrooms combined (the mental state, 'in-head'). I would say that this was during the peak, which lasted 4-5 hours. I was evaluating myself, and all these different versions of myself, and different egos I have, this might sound weird, but its hard to explain. I had LSD type thoughts, but DEEPER, I had mushroom type thoughts, but DEEPER, I had all thought about everything, but the DEEPEST thoughts ever. I would think about life, death, laws, and society. When I would snap out of it, I couldn't even act like myself, I completely lost my ego, I completely lost who I am, and this is was scared me, this is why I thought I was going to go crazy. I remember telling my friend that I am at my highest psychedelic potential (while being 'awake', not having a breakthrough), and I still believe that that was my highest psychedelic potential (mental state) without going crazy.

When I would snap out of my head, and try to communicate, I couldn't. I completely lost who I am, completely lost my ego, I wasn't myself (if that makes sense). After a long period of exploring my brain, when It was slowly coming down, I had to completely 'rebuild' myself, 'rebuild' my ego, completely 'rebuild' and reevaluate everything about myself. I was just glad it was over, I was glad that this opportunity came along, because after that, I was positive I would come back and not go crazy. There were also strong tracers from time to time.

Also, i'm trying to explain it as best as I can, but its difficult.

Stage 3

This beautiful, magical, profound experience ended really well. There was a sunset, visuals was still amazing (nothing moving around, just really colorful, and beyond beautiful), and we were listening to female vocal dubstep (nothing too intense, just good smooth dubstep). It was unreal, it was like heaven.


To me, every psychedelic experience is special, and it means a lot to me, but this was above and beyond (mentally and visually). I would rate it a 10/10. I never thought I would do this, but that's definitely what the rating should be. It was definitely a profound life-changing spiritual experience, and somewhat of a 'reset' in my life.

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