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Love and LSD

Clearing my head and sharing my tale

                      Last night I had quite the experience.  I've done plenty of lsd and rc's but never have I had an experience quite like this.  At the same time as I share my experience this will be a way for me to get some things off my chest that have been burning through my mind for the last 20 some hours or so. Here goes nothing:

         We'll begin with the start of the night, July 4th 2015 around the 5 o'clock hour.  It began with the four of us (Myself, the girl I've been falling in love with for the last two months, and 2 of our close friends).  We had discussed the possibility of a trip but never decided to partake or not, so upon my arrival to said girl's house we spent about an hour smoking and doing a normal routine.  Around 6 I took my first two tabs, the others took their doses about 30 minutes later.
       Like all great drug stories we'll begin the tale with the legendary statement, "We weren't feeling much, so we took more."  At this point it was about 7 o'clock.  We each took an additional dose (This putting myself and one of our friends at 4 tabs, the others at 2, as it was their first experience with the drug)  To add to the chaos that would soon ensue, a car accident down the street triggered the establishment of a DUI checkpoint just outside the front door of the house.  In an attempt to avoid all possible contact with anyone outside the house until the checkpoint was gone, we ascended the steps to the girl's room in the attic.  The windows were covered and the door was closed, we were in our own world in that attic and that made it the perfect place for what would soon occur.  I couldn't tell you when it was that we all lost ourselves in the drug, but the first thing I remember after mine set in is the four of us sitting in the attic smoking, we turned the lights off and had begun listening to "The End" by The Doors while very intently staring at projections of space scenes on the wall (To explain this a bit better, the space scenes were being projected from an old toy she had in her room, which was extremely ironic considering we refered to this attic room as 'The Spaceship')  We were truly lost in space with nothing but the words of the great Jim Morrison to guide us through.
        To explain my personal experience with this certain RC, I had no real visuals, but it was more like ecstasy.  We were all full of joy and laughter and it was wonderful.  We sat in that room listening to music and smoking, laughing, joking, talking, whatever we ended up doing for about 2 hours before our hunger led us downstairs to the kitchen.  Throughout the entire night we all noticed a feeling of connection to each other, for me personally I felt a constant 'pull', for lack of a better word, towards this girl.  Since meeting her I had notice myself feeling extremely happy around her, which was certainly a change from my typical depressive attitude.  Every time I looked into her eyes or hugged her I would be overcome with a strange feeling in my stomach.  My reasoning for sharing this will become more apparent shortly.
          After some video games and food we journeyed outside.  Now was time for things to become a bit strange.  We gave our one friend (The one who matched my 4 tab dose) the responsibility of starting a fire, which turned out to be a bad decision.  As the rest of us sat around a table, smoking, laughing and staring at the sky, our friend got far too involved with his task.  We didn't realize this until the three of us went inside to make more food, and once the lovely girl and myself traveled back out to check on him, we found him obsessed with the fire.  The backyard was full of smoke and he was mindlessly running around grabbing supplies trying to start the fire, but ultimately failing.  Upon trying to stop him we had a bit of an encounter with him.  He was so obsessed it took some aggressive discussion to stop him and bring him inside.  Much of this discussion was accompanied by myself rolling around the yard laughing, specifically after he set some paper towels on fire which caught some of the wood for a second and he uttered the sentence "It's like a fucking movie, it's right there I just have to get it" and ran back towards the fire.
          Once we finally got him inside and the yard cleaned up a bit, the three of us sat around the kitchen table and he walked off to the bathroom.  To further the strangeness of this friends trip, we found him minutes later, shirtless and unbuttoning his pants, a scene to which he responded "The mirror got me guys."  After he redressed himself, we all gathered in the small bathroom to try and calm him down.  A fifth friend arrived moments later to find the four of us in the bathroom with a plate of chicken tenders and almost immediately we all snapped back to reality once making contact with a sober human being.
          While the trip wasn't all that exciting, it was very emotional for all of us at the come down.  This is where the entire point of me writing this comes in.  We all sat in the attic bed room trying to pull ourselves together.  Our friend who had been working the fire was brought to tears by his thoughts after the trip.  Surprisingly, for myself, one of the happiest moments of my life came in the hour following our trip.  This lovely girl laid her head in my lap in exhaustion, but for me in my currents state it was much more than that.  I never felt a connection to someone that I did quite like that moment, I was completely overcome with happiness.  To many this may seem foolish but words cannot explain the feeling that went through my body when this happened.
          All of us certainly had a different lesson this night.  My friends told me of out of body experiences and personal battles.  My experience was purely emotional, but still like nothing I had ever experienced.  If there's anything I learned, its that experiencing an incredible emotional trip with someone you may just be in love with is a blessing in the euphoria and a curse in every moment that you are without them afterwords

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