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2g Lemon Tek out in Nature

A great ego shedding trip

Last year I had traded a quart of my BHT culture for 7.3 grams of dried mushies, believed to be cubensis.  That day I took 1 gram of these new dried mushies to compare the low dose effects to the one gram I had taken a couple weeks previously of my own BHT (which was a decent level 2 trip--it was actually 11 grams of fresh, just harvested BHT). These new dried mushies however seemed to be at LEAST half the potency of my previous trip. Knowing this, I tucked away the remaining 6.3 grams for future use and ended up promising to use them for a trip with my girlfriend and a good friend who has never tripped before, but wanted to wait until he was ready.


Yesterday, nearly a year later, we got together and took these mushrooms using the lemon tek so that we could get the most potency out of them, especially considering the very subtle effects of the 1 gram I had taken a last year. My good friend (we will call him Al) and my girlfriend (we will call her Maya) both had 2 grams, and I had taken the extra 2.3 grams. We soaked the mushrooms in freshly squeezed organic lemon juice (just enough to cover them) for about an hour. After the hour of soaking we mixed the lemon/mushie mixture into a cup of lemon Peace Tea and drank slowly over the course of 10 or 15 minutes.

Within 15 minutes after ingestion I could feel that I was starting to come up, with a very warm 'rising' sensation in my face and chest. By the 30 minute mark I was very high and continuing to to go upwards. It was 9:30am and we were on Al's gorgeous property which is very secluded and has a lot of land-- we decided to go sit under this big tree behind the shed. Time began to stretch, so I do not know the time intervals from here out (and we did not have our phones or watches of any sort).  

The rise kept on coming and coming it seemed and then the nausea came. We all seemed to be experiencing this nauseating sensation in our guts and we all ended up dry heaving at one point or another.  It was when I began to dry heave that I walked away from the sitting circle beneath this big tree and meandered over to this fence which I leaned on dry heaved on and on wishing that I could just puke already. The effects began to rise more quickly and the entire experience became much more intense. I sat back on the metal pole of sorts and stared at the ground.  The clovers in the grass seemed to form lines, as if every clover was touching one another moving together in unison through the grass, forming swirling patterns as the grass around them began to breathe. I began to feel familiar feelings of intense sorrow and surreal awareness.  The mushrooms made me gratefully aware that I had been coasting through life, working day in and day out, with no awareness whatsoever. Just annoyed with living and working and forgetting my self and the path I though I was on.  In this moment of laughing at my own ridiculousness and thanking this plant teacher for the awareness it was bringing about, I finally LOOKED UP. It had seemed that I hadn't looked around for the entire morning thus far, and even further back into the days past.

When did I cease to be aware of the glorious earth that I was a part of?

Still feeling nauseous and at the same time feeling these great sensations of awaking to the glory that is Mother Nature, I looked up and over this fence before me.  On the other side was this field that had not been mowed in some time.  The grass grew tall, along with many plants and a few trees. The sun shined down with golden intensity and it was as if I could see this lights ray's bouncing off of every blade of grass and every sparkle of moisture therein. As I looked on, I realized that the entirety of this field was rocking and rolling like the sea-- it was literally a sea of grass with waves that swelled up and down, and back and forth. I could not help but smile and smile some more. I felt life returning to me once again-- blissful awareness of the world around me which I had forgotten for such a seemingly long time, even though I swore I wouldn't ever again. It seems that this ignorance sneaks up on me and takes over before I even know it is happening. I felt in this moment of blissful awareness that this WAS the last straw. I could not go back to living in ignorance anymore.  I must take what I learn from this trip today and apply it to everyday life and hold on to the vital necessities of life. 

I realized my that my issue was a form of ego, and this ego issue had to do with me forgetting how to surrender and being fearful of doing so.  In days long ago I could meditate and sit out in Nature for extended periods of time, simply doing nothing but practicing quiet awareness.  Days of recent past, I get annoyed at the first bug, or patch of moisture, or heat, or cold... INSANITY. To forget what we really are-- part of the whole. A piece of Mother Nature; of Earth; of the Universe.  

And so, I walked back over to the tree and sat down beside Al and Maya (Maya had previously been going through difficulty in her trip which I helped guide her through and still was, but I will not go into detail as this is a report of my own perspective.  She simply realized her own ego problems and fought through them in her own ways).  Al was having the time of his life on his first trip ever. Lying under the big tree, staring up at the insects and sunlight pouring through the canopy. As the trip progressed, we wondered the property examining all kinds of bugs and plants and life provided by Nature, in awe, as if we just came out of the womb. 

This trip was a greatly positive experience for all of us, and we have learned a lot from these little fungi teachers.  We have plans for our next trip in about two weeks. For the next we will be brewing up a Jurema/Ayahuasca brew. My recipe is as follows: 500g Black Caapi Vine, 500g Red Caapi Vine, 25g Chaliponga, 100g Mimosa Bark, brewed with three washes over the course of roughly 9-12 hours, with fresh water and vinegar each time. We will settle out the brew in the fridge overnight, and then reduce it the next day in order to produce 10-20 doses. 20 being half cup doses, and 10 being one cup doses... or obviously a mixture there of.  

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