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Trip repot

Hi there,

I have never posted a trip report in my life or ever even posted on this site but here it goes...

I ordered some 10 tabs of 1P-LSD which I think where 100mg im not sure but any way I thought I would do an allergy test first so I cut 1 tab into 9 pieces which comes to about 25mg each I think (really not sure) but anyway I put it on my tongue, let it sit for about 30secs then swallowed I was quite anxious trying this unknown substance and as soon as I swallowed it I knew there was no going back so I waited for about 30mins and noticed I started to get restless I couldn't stop walking backwards and forwards I tried calming down my self and reassuring myself that other people have tried this compound with not really any problems which help a little about an hour in ( I cant say exact time because I was really taking note of it) I noticed colours seemed enhanced blues and pinks seem to really stand out nothing really interesting thou still felt very anxious tried to calm my self down kinda helped.

 2 hours in it was coming on was entering that psychedelic headspace I was shocked with how little I had took that I was feeling this way, there was allot of depth to everything and some plants on my garden looked bigger than usually I started to feel as if this bit of paper I had swollen was stuck at the top of my stomach  and was getting digested which was a very unconfutable feeling I started thinking maybe this batch I got could have impurities in because I just didn't feel right it was strange it was like my mood was increased and everything but there was some psychical effects getting in the way

3 hours in im starting to feel this thing and boy is this stuff strong maybe im sensitive, I am to most compounds, this feeling like something is stuck in my stomach at the top as if my body was trying to pushed it back out but it couldn't I didn't have any nausea or anything just strange body sensations patterns on the walls started moving it was all interesting and I didn't want a full trip this was just an ALLERGY TEST!

4 hours im feeling trippy vision has allot of depth objects are a lot more sharper and more colours to them. My jar started grinding as if I had taking some kind of stimulant still having starnge feelings as if there something stuck in my stomach tried throwing up that didn't help I was starting to wonder if I had a doggy batch and I only had a tiny bit lol 

5hours my body feels poisoned its a strange feeling and this is the reason I am righting this report to see other peoples ideas why I would feel like this, impurities or something?

im going to finish this report here as nothing interesting happens I went to the hospital to get checked out they said my heart and everything was okay and it was just the drugs and I would have to sit it out they told me not to do it again lol

so what's your guys opinion on this strange feeling in my stomach there was feelings of being poisoned and this was really just an allergy even thou I did get some psychedelic effects as well which I was not expecting

sorry if this report is crappy its my first time using this site and I have never done anything like this on a website like this

but please let me know what you guys think was it a dogey batch or what? I have a few tabs left is it worth trying one more time I should I stay clear of this?

please let me know thanks

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