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"400ug" LSD Trip Report

first time taking a higher dose of LSD

This is a “400ug” of LSD trip report; I use quotations, because its difficult to know exactly how much is on each tab, but it is supposed to 100ug each. I later used the Ehrlich test to confirm the strip of tabs did in fact contain something that was most likely LSD. This is my third experience with LSD. My first two trips were with “120ug”, and the last time I tripped on anything was about 12 weeks before this experience. This trip took place two nights prior to writing this.

I decided to first only take two tabs of “200ug” at around 10:15 PM. I did not have a test kit at the time, so I wanted to wait for the drug to begin taking effect to make sure it did not feel sort of “speedy” like NBOMEs seem to be. I kept the tabs under my tongue for about 15-20 minutes and then swallowed; it did not taste like anything chemical. I started feeling the effects a little after 11:00 PM, and the come up felt very smooth. I felt wicked high/stoned, my senses began feeling mixed up, and colors became very bright and vivid. Worried that I wasn’t going to get to the level I was wanting, I decided to take another two tabs to make the total “400ug” before I started to peak, which would probably make it ineffective to dose more. I became a bit anxious about putting another two tabs under my tab, so I decided to juggle balls to purge myself of the anxiety, and as always, it worked extremely well.

The effects began feeling very strong at around 12:00 AM, but still very smooth. I decided to put on the Wish You Were Here album from Pink Floyd to further, and lay in the dark in bed. The tiny blue LED light from my computer caused the room to have a blue and dark red swirl that would spread across the room and grab at me. After the album ended, I attempted to use my computer, but it was impossible. I could not successfully enter in my password, and the English language looked completely alien. Overall this is good, because then I had no choice but to sit in silent darkness, and this is where things got very intense, and I felt an extreme sense of TRIUMPH.

The darkness and colors in my room were grabbing at me, and the room was pulsating with color. Then suddenly, I was swarmed with fractals of all kinds of colors. I had no idea what time it was, and it felt like I had no concept of time at all. I decided to close my eyes, and I saw the image of a kind of crazy medical doctor that was wearing a monocle; the doctor then put that eye into some sort of a microscope, and under the microscope was a sheet of MILLIONS of slides in the shape of octagons that looked like kaleidoscopes. The doctor was changing slides an an incredible pace, and I got the impression that this doctor was some kind of an architect of the universe. Then I was given control of the tool the doctor was using, and it was amazing. I was swarmed with fractals again, and it felt like a logic bomb was going to go off in my head that was going to enlighten me about how the universe operated, and the logic bomb did go off. Fractals kept rapidly splitting and multiplying exponentially, and it felt like my brain was solving complex algorithms at a lightning speed, and every time an algorithm was solved, the more perfect it seemed, and I though to myself, “THERE IS NO WAY ANY OF THIS IS BY ACCIDENT, ITS JUST TOO PRECISE AND PERFECT,” which was interesting, because I’m not a very spiritual person. It was like a complete brain orgasm every time my brain solved these algorithms, and I felt like this was the “higher” reality, but not so much the “ultimate;” I had a feeling of astonishment, and it felt like I died and was reborn each time...which felt like thousands of times per “minute,” and it was like undergoing reincarnation. At this point, it felt like I was stuck in infinite loop of solving algorithms/cryptographic puzzles, but being in this loop did not bother me at all.

I felt all powerful but also felt infinitely tiny at the same time. I believed I was learning how the universe operated, and wanted to share this information with EVERYONE. At the same time, I felt like a master manipulator of people and the universe, and I did not like this feeling. I began thinking about psychopathy quite a bit, and feeling like this master manipulator is how psychopaths like Charles Manson must of felt when they ingested these kinds of substances, and I understood why Timothy Leary thought this substance would change the world, but I thought that idea was very naive. I thought about my family a lot, and I had an extreme sense of empathy. This entire time I had the impression that I was currently located in a kind of apocalyptic crowded apartment building in Karachi, Pakistan that was 10,000 stories high. Every time the air conditioner would automatically shut off, I heard it shoot down all 10,000 stories, like the building was going to collapse at any moment and I was going to die, but this also did not bother me at all. At one point, I needed to urinate, and got off my bed and attempted to make my way towards the bathroom. I got completely lost on the way as I was still being swarmed with fractals and grabbed at by darkness. I settled for pissing on the floor somewhere in the middle of my apartment, and it and a very liberating feeling, I simply didn’t give a fuck about it, and this makes me glad I was tripping alone.

I started feeling aware of my surroundings again a little after 7:00 AM, and the trip felt like it lasted several lifetimes, and I was surprised I was even coming down. I had the same feeling that you get from a really intense dream where you feel like you have discovered the ultimate secret about the universe that you must share with everyone, but like dreams, this feeling subsided quickly. I was very embarrassed when I realized I really did urinate on my carpet, but shit happens, and much worse has happened while under the influence of alcohol on several occasions. I thought it was a bit reckless that I did “400ug”, but I’m very glad I decided to take that dose, because this was exactly the experience I was looking for. I don’t see myself doing this high of a dose for a very long time. Overall, I still prefer tripping on high doses of psilocybin mushrooms compared to high doses of LSD, because psilocybin feels much more therapeutic and beneficial to me after coming down; LSD was more like a bunch of braingasms this time.

Thank you for reading.

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