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My First Real LSD Trip

It might be boring, but at least its proper grammar

                Everyone nowadays seems to be posting their trip experiences on forums so Imma try to get in on some of the action. I've always been fascinated hearing what others have been able to accomplish by just turning on, tuning in, and dropping out so hopefully some people reading this will get the same level of enjoyment that I do. And if not, congratulations on being a sane human being ;)

               So I guess I'll start with the background information. Technically, this wasn't my first time ever using LSD, as I had actually dosed three times prior. However, I didn't realize until after the third time I dropped that the SSRI(Prozac) I take daily completely nullified the acid. So I decided to take a few weeks off from prozac( I'm pretty sure every doctor everywhere recommends not doing this but #yoloswag ) in preparation for what I hoped to be my first real trip on Acid. The acid I had was from a guy who according to multiple trusted sources sold "THE GREATEST FUCKING ACID EVER DOOOOD" (I have overzealous sources), so naturally, because I'm a dumbass, took three hits of it without ever fully tripping before ( Start small guys ). The rationale behind taking three hits was the three tabs were tabs that I had actually spit out like three weeks ago because I suddenly decided seconds after sticking the paper into my mouth that I didn’t want to trip, and I had heard that most of the acid is absorbed as soon as the blot hits the tongue (This is bullshit by the way). So I actually didn't expect a strong trip, but it happened anyway. And a word to advice to anyone out there: Do not, I repeat DO NOT, trip on acid while your mom is home. You think you can handle it but you can't be sure.

               It was the last day of school and I was so happy to be done with the year (The only good part of taking 6 AP classes is when you're finally done with them, it's legit euphoria) that I decided I was gonna have a little me time and do a little self-exploratation. I dosed around 9:30 p.m and the first thirty minutes were pretty uneventful as expected. I told a friend over the phone that I was going to be tripping that night in case anything bad happened ( not that he would really be able to do anything but it seemed like a good idea). At around 10:15 I decided to take a shower because I distinctively remembered the phrase "Clean your body and then clean your mind" while reading about someone else’s trip and resolved to try it myself. As I was getting into the shower I started noticing my first visual of any kind. Next to the shower is the bathroom sink which has a marbled countertop with grey and white speckling that is even a beautiful sight to see sober, but on acid the little lines looked like tiny bugs squirming across the countertop, but without actually moving anywhere. I kinda like bugs so I stared at this for a while until I realized that staring at my bathroom sink naked was not where I wanted the night to go, so I peeled back the curtain and (now for the weirdest part of the story) laid down like I always do in the shower. Yes, I lie down in the shower, it makes the shower so much more relaxing. Its like a fucking bath but you get the perk of feeling the water droplets cascade all over your body, try it sometime, like seriously. Anyways, I looked at the wall of the shower and saw thousands of water droplets slowly making there way onto the floor. It almost looked as if they were dancing as gravity pushed them downwards. I started picking out droplets at a starting line and watched them "race" other water droplets to the floor. It was pretty sweet. And then, I brought out the big guns. Bubbles. If you have never played with bubbles on acid, you haven't lived life yet. The part of my bubble experience that stuck out the most was when I picked up a handful of bubbles and in each and everyone of them, no matter how tiny or indistinctive, I could see my reflection staring right back at me. Until later in this night, this was by far the most amazing thing I had ever witnessed ( and I've seen some cool shit(not really) ) which is why I looked at my bubbles for a good ten minutes or so. At this point in my trip I was still pretty much with it and was able to shut off the water and dry off without anything too eventful happening. I got dressed in ma comfy clothes and started watching TV. I think american dad was on but after about a minute of staring at the TV my mind went completely elsewhere. As my mind was elsewhere I started seeing my room in a completely different manner. Its hard to put to words but everything turned into like an information highway or something. The TV was flying through the room and the corners of the room were like the guidelines for the the information radiating from the television, which was a sweet visual. I kept worrying I was going to bite off my tongue because I felt as if I had no control over my teeth and Im not certain but I think I was grinding my teeth a little. I was also breathing heavily so it wouldn't have been to hard for someone to walk into my room and realize I was on drugs. My mom was asleep in the other room but I was worried she might wake up and come into my room so I locked my door.

               While I was up, I decided to smoke half a blunt I had pre rolled an hour before, hoping that that it would help to relax me me. This is the point where the shit started to hit the fan ( Do people still use that expression? ). Almost immediately after extinguishing the blunt everything started getting weird. My whole room suddenly appeared far away and walking around my room was difficult and took quite a bit of effort. I started hearing things and started to panic a little bit so I resolved to just lie down in my bed and try to calm down a bit. I pulled out my phone and looked up “LSD” on google images because they got some cool stuff to look at on the interwebs. One image in particular was this spirally tunnel of all kinds of color that I looked at closed my eyes and was transported somewhere else. Without any kind of warning any concept of reality I had was completely stripped and I was part of another dimension. I was some kind interstellar matrix of glowing rainbow orbs that stretched infinitely in ordered rows, and jumping from orb to orb was this sort of mutant hybrid that looked like a cross between a flea and naked mole rat. While my mind was here I realized that I was no longer watching this hybrid animal but I was the weird mutant animal. I was flying through this matrix of absorbed in a completely unknown state of mind that was entirely unlike anything I had ever experienced before and I can’t even began to put to words what it was like. The only part I can explain is that I began to think that this weird flea thing was what actually constituted reality, and our reality is just the creation of this being for whatever reason, and if I put my mind to it I could go back into flea form and create whatever reality I wanted, if that makes any sense whatsoever. At some point I must’ve fell asleep ( I can literally fall asleep any time, any place ) until about 2:30 a.m. when I had to pee so freaking bad that I could barely stand. I didn’t want to walk to the bathroom because it would mean walking past my mom’s room and I was worried I would wake up. I ended having to pee in a bottle ( Gross, I know, Im not proud of it) and felt a lot better afterwards. I ended turning on a light to look at myself in the mirror and my eyes were fully dilated and I looked like a character straight off a Jethro Tull album cover which freaked me the fuck out. I turned off the lights and just stood there for a good five minutes shivering in complete terror. The shadows on the wall began to make my room look like a backdrop to a Steven King movie but I was too paralyzed with fear to be able to turn on a light to stop it. I eventually somehow managed to turn on a light and everything suddenly turned in colorful numbers falling down, just like in the Matrix. The oddest part about seeing that though was that I really didn’t pay any attention to it. Like I knew it was cool and completely out of the ordinary but I for some reason ignored it. I found my way into bed and just shut down for the night.

    So all in all it was an interesting trip to say the least, even though I freaked out a little towards the end I would still classify it as a successful trip. My favorite part of the experience was that it taught that you have to take the good with the bad, and you can’t let a bad event ruin your whole night. Instead of regretting ever taking the LSD that made me totally panic, I was instead proud that I made it through the night and no amount of panicking could take away the amazing things I saw earlier in the night. If anyone has actually read all the way through kudos to you, that takes a lot of mental fortitude to make it this far :), keep tripping my friends.

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