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ancient city trip

it started the night befor when me and my friend thought it would be a good idea to take a road trip to st.

it started the night befor when me and my friend thought it would be a good idea to take a road trip to st. augustine florida (the oldest city in the u.s.) we had about 5 fresh wet shrooms and 5 older dried shrooms. we split the up between the 2 of us and ate the on the way b/c it was about a 20 min. ride, by the time we got there i had a really strong body buz. when we finaly got out of the car i looked down at the brick road and saw that all of the bricks were revolving around me. i brushed it off like it was no big deal b/c it always happens to me. we started on our walk around the old city and started to see 3 foot long light trails comming off of dragion flys (it was really cool) we continued to walk and after about 15 min. we got bored and sat under a palm tree. it was then that my trip really started....out of no where i saw some bright crazy colors and shaps in the clouds but the truth is that there were no clouds there. the as i sat in the grass it all begain to grow, so tall that i couldnt see over it. that is when i started to see faces in everything i looked at. i was looking at a shrot waist high wall and i saw little skulls and demond faces in side of it but the crazy thing about the faces was that all of there eyes where the btightest color of red i have ever and will ever see. then not to long after it seemed like every one was looking at us. then the thought that we were stuck in the crazy world in a city that isnt even where we live...so after freaking out for a lil while we dicided to leave and go homeback to jacksonville(wich was about 35 miles away) i diced to let anna (my trippin buddy) drive home(she had eaten just as many shrooms as me) after we drove for a block i freaked out on her b/c i felt like i had no control over my own car, so i made her get out and let me drive. after driving through many different worlds and dementions i finaly setteled in one that i liked. after driving for a while and listing to some stepping wolf the road changed...insted of seeing the road going under the car and out the back of the car it was going the other way(comming out of the front of the car)...i cant really remember any trees or anything, its all just one big blur. then as i got closer to home every thing started moving faster and i saw some of the brightest colors i have ever seen in my life. i finaly made it back to my friends house where we were provided with orang juice and i ate 2 more stems in an atempt to keep the trip going (it really worked) we then went to to local starbucks where we just chilled for a half of and hour or so...the whole time we where there i kept watching the exploding tile slow down and i also wached the 3 to 4 foot light trails become increasingly smaller to the point where i didnt see it any longer wich is what inded up bringing my trip to a stop. total time of the trip was about 7 hours of hard trip. but even trying to recall everything is hard and everything seems to be real dark ......it was one of the best tripps i have ever had

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