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An outlook changing first trip

One of my friends and I decided to trip for the first time together at another friend's house while he was having a party.

One of my friends and I decided to trip for the first time together at another friend's house while he was having a party. We stuffed them into dinner rolls to eat them at about 11 pm. I hadn't done much to prepare, but I had done a little bit of reading online so that I had an idea of what sort of things would happen to me. I HIGHLY recommend doing this, because throughout the trip I was able to remind myself that what was happening was completely normal and that I would awake in the morning with my sanity intact.
At about midnight I knew that the shrooms were beginning to take effect because lights and people's faces started to get rainbow hazes around them. At this point I was feeling very giddy and excited, and a little nervous. I went into the basement and sat down on a couch- and then noticed that the cushions were breathing! At many different spots the fabric seemed to be moving in and out and in and out...I watched this, fascinated, for a while, until my friend (the other one on shrooms) told me to come into the bathroom with her. She proceeded to stare into the mirror and say "If I stare into my eyes they turn into wolf eyes." I tried it, but it didn't happen for me, so I turned away. That's when I noticed the wall: it had been painted with a feather duster in many colors, and the streaks of paint were moving around each other and changing and growing...it was the coolest thing I've ever seen!
This lasted for I don't know how long...just a very high feeling with mild visuals. This was the most fun part of my trip by far.
Then, some of my friends were going to smoke weed, so I went with them. We were out in the garage, and they were standing on the garage floor while I was standing up on the steps. I was cold (it was winter) so I grabbed a coat from the rack behind me. As we smoked, since I was looking down on my friends, I started to get the weirdest sensation...I felt as if I were a coat hanging on the rack!!! My body felt stiff and coat-shaped and I felt very high up in the air...this definitely freaked me out! But, I immediately returned to the basement and sat on a comfy couch, and as I warmed up I felt better. What they say about a change of environment is really true- if you're starting to freak out a little bit, go somewhere else, change your surroundings, and chances are you'll feel better.
Anyways, the smoking really intensified things, and since I was peaking anyways, I really became detached from reality. I sat on the couch for a long time, watching people come and go and just thinking. I thought about a guy I was sort of dating at the time, and how we really didn't have chemistry...basically I was analyzing my life from an outsider's perspective almost, while at the same time I felt like I could see myself more clearly than ever before. Then I began to look at people around me, and it was like I could see them more clearly as well- I understood what was going on in their minds as well, whether or not they were good people or confused people. Looking at the human body became weird, like looking at an alien species...what were these long crazy limbs coming off of their bodies? And those funny bumps on their faces? (noses) Basically I was looking at everything around me and inside me as if it were my first time seeing it... I really got the sense that this was the "true" reality, and that the "reality" that I was used to was really very clouded and superficial.
After coming down I went to bed, and in the morning I was normal again...but I had changed forever. Now more than ever I can analyze what's going on my mind and my heart, I feel more self-aware. I have an increased appreciation for the beauty in everything I see, big or small, and for good in every person. It's like my eyes have been opened to the world of true reality, and while I've only returned there once, I hope to do it many more times.
Happy shrooming!

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