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Best trip yet!

Approx 70g PES Hawaiian

I shared this on a forum last night during trip. I was sober when I began & didn't take anything but shrooms & water for about 14 hours: 

"Yawning a lot but not tired, each yawn enhances trip. Crying but without conscious emotion. Used to happen a lot at school when I meditated with a group. Love feeling my vision expand multidimensionally. I got so depressed last time I ran out. Shit warps, creeps up on me, touches my body, universe seems to be morphing in & out of infinite dimensions of infinite bliss & beauty as I type. So much joy. I feel like my forehead & eyelid skin is melting into what I can see. Repetitive impulse to eat more as I feel myself coming up! I feel presence washing through me & surrounding me touching my skin like cold air. Each layer I burst through is beyond what I could have previously imagined. I love the feeling of not knowing what's real & what isn't."

After quite a large excitement phase I lay down & the experience deepened for many hours. I came to understand myself far more deeply & experienced my being for many hours. I had done so in a previous trip & during meditation but it never correlated with my physical body. My beingness seemed to be quite separate from my physical body in the past as far as I can recall. This time it was more powerful than I could have imagined as I felt as if my little body was being supported & supercharged by infinite beings of infinite power & encompassed with endless love, that I could talk to anyone or thing anywhere & was starting to feel quite limitless physically like anything might be possible as well as the absence of physical pain repeatedly before feeling my body again & pains gradually dissipating.

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