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The night i died.

Most life changing experience

Hey guys, i'm gonna try to keep this within a reasonable context, although there are so many ideas and inputs which i'm sure i will not be able to touch base with you on in this first post, but feel free to ask any questions or give any theorys or ideas on my experience. I believe this was probably the most intense experience ive yet to live through and have the oppurtunity to share with the world. what better community than the one and only :wink: Life is not as it seems. As much as you may think you know,  you don't really know what goes on beyond the hinges of the universe. Life is simply too vast, words are dead. Never could science confine life. Understanding blooms from within, as many of you have learned through experience.

It was a dark night, and me and a ol buddy of mine decided to dose. We had acquired some clean WoW. must have been about 100 ug. I took 1. I had a fascination with the darkness,  still somewhat to this day. I always wondered what that feeling was that gives you goosebumps, what was it that we were scared of about the darkness? This night i felt exceptionally thrilled by the eyes of the universe. 
We were walking around the neighborhood when i felt a very powerful presence behind me. When i looked back, i saw what appeared to be a heavier set lady following us about 200-300 ft back. I could feel the eyes upon me. I remember telling my buddy "that is not a human". when we looked back a few seconds later, she had dissapeared.
I had some dmt stored in the back of my closet, must have been 2 years old. I was waiting for the perfect time. I had never done it before. Immediatly after the occurence with the entity i told myself i was going to blast off.
We got back to my moms house and i got her ready. Must have been about .09. Got every last bit into my lungs, and waited with excitement. I was peaking on the L. Within 10 seconds, my world had changed. There was another dimension to it. Vision seemed to be supersonic (if thats a word). I had a sense of myself leaving. Not on a trip, but actually dying. I mistook  the trip for death itself. It was death itself. This is where it gets hard to explain,, I will never be able to grasp what I saw,, Its not that i saw it, I WAS IT. I was no longer existent. The world i knew as my own was simply a grain of sand. A piece of something much bigger that i had been a part of this whole time, or came from. It was so intense i'm not even gonna try to put it into words, the nothing that something comes from. The spark to the flame. 
  My friend said i hit the floor, and thought i was dead. So he decided to wake me up... It's hard to remember the first moments after waking up but i do remember being so overwhelmed,,  I looked in his eyes and he saw that what i had seen will forever change me. I could sense the fear in him. I was trying to grasp what was happening. My energy was at such a high vibration I had destructed every concept of myself and the world around me. 
We went inside and sat in the kitchen. I was trying to put it all together in my mind, but dude I felt like i was on like 20-40 hits,, My little bro came upstairs, he had just woken from a nap. He could feel the energy in the air, the energy was everywhere, so intense, so powerful. He came closer with curiosity, and stared into my eyes. He couldn't hide. Everything he felt, i felt,  everything he was, i was. I could feel his tension as if my own, and told him something along these lines 'You need to cry right now',, although i'm sure those weren't the exact words, It was a very deep sense of compassion that he sensed through my tone. At that moment he burst into the deepest cry ever cried by a human being. Everything he had ever been through could be felt through the tears. 
I had never seen anybody in such a beautiful form, such a pure form, 'divine' if you will. My friend could feel it in the air too. We were mesmerized. I remember sitting on the couch and there was a very deep sense of understanding exploding from my heart. My friend became overwhelmed, scared. He was leaving the room (seemed like he was runnin lol) and i stopped him. Not physically, but with a few simple words. I told him to sit down beside me, and I will show him. He proceeded to sit down beside me. Immediatly he started to calm down, he could sense the understanding. I knew he did, i could feel it.
I remember some days later he told me that i had a golden aura surrounding me, and i think he may have been frightened because of that. 
It has been about a year and a half since that day, and life has changed drastically in every aspect. I have yet to ingest a heavy psych since then. I blame it on Intuition. Sometimes life gets very overwhelming and I start feeling like I did when i used to trip,, and some of my greatest accomplishments have been achieved in those states.
There is a lot of in betweens and a backstory that is relative and i'd love to  fill any holes if ya'll got any questions or curiosities. I appreciate anyone who took the time to read and I hope you do all you can to be the best you can :heart:

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