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My first trip

In which I gave birth to a golden boy and played around with crystals

Ok so I was with my friend Beabe and at first we took like ~3 grams of p. subs between us as a tea with lemon, honey, damiana, and ginger

Which didn’t effect her much but it made me start to feel like I was somewhere between drunk and high, it was nice but I wasn’t having any visual hallucinations or feelings of mind expansion yet

So we took another like 3 grams each but this time we ate them as like a fucked up sweet soup with lemon juice and it was pretty nasty (the texture of the shrooms was like dead frogs) but this time the hallucinatory effects started to kick in

They kicked in for Beabe first and we were sitting on the couch together and she kept looking up and moving her hand closer and further away from her and she was like “woah it feels colder and smaller when I move it away” and I said it was like she was the sun and it was a little planet

and she was just generally being all funny and tripping out and I was just waiting for shit to happen to me

I started noticing the walls going a bit wavy and everything looked a bit green and I CONSTANTLY NEEDED TO PEE so I went to the bathroom, and when I was sitting on the toilet was when I started having the full-on visual hallucinations

I could see so many colours and textures on my hands, and I was just moving them around and staring at them and there was all this motion blur and I kept seeing all these spirals everywhere, and all the psychedelic art I’ve seen online started to make so much sense because that’s what I was seeing

And I was just sitting on the toilet staring at my hands feeling so introspective and just thinking about myself and my past and all the shit that’s happened to me and I started to feel so proud of how well I look after myself despite the shit I’ve been through and I’m pretty sure I started to cry tears of joy because it felt like I finally resolved something that’s just been sitting with me for a long time

All this happening while I’m sitting on the toilet staring at my hands like a fucking idiot omg

Then I heard Beabe talking to me from the main room so I left the bathroom and we sat on the kitchen floor and she told me some personal stuff about her family and a very sad story and I started crying so much with empathetic sadness but it wasn’t bad it just felt very cathartic

And she was playing with my hair and she kept saying it was like satin and I kept feeling like she was a lamb for some reason (it’s so hard to explain but it made a lot of sense at the time)

Then I needed to go to the bathroom again so I did, and afterwards I was looking at my face in the mirror and my pupils were so dilated and it looked like my irises were all liquidy and moving around my eyeballs, and I could see all my pores very clearly so my face looked all prickly and funny but not in a bad way

then for some reason I felt like I really needed to take a shower

And it was the best shower of my life tbh I was so cold before but the water was so warm and I felt like I was in the womb or something and I was so amazed by the patterns the water made as it dripped down the glass, and I had such intense feelings of loving my body

Then I had the brilliant idea of using my lush pot o’ gold shower jelly (which looks like this and feels all jellyish and smooth so you can imagine how much it would have amazed me)

And I was just squishing it in my hands and admiring the glitter as it dripped down my arms

Then I started rubbing it all over my body and like

this is going to sound very strange but I hallucinated that I like gave birth to this little cherub looking baby boy with golden curly hair (probably because I had my period so I was cramping and stuff which I guess made me think of childbirth)

And it was like really weird but I felt so powerful like I was the almighty creator Goddess

Then I started to get a really strong instinctual urge to just take care of myself and get myself dry and dressed and cozy in bed so I got out the shower and started blow drying my hair and at this point I felt like I had just been on the biggest adventure of my life, even though it didn’t stop there

Then Beabe and I compared notes about the kind of things we were experiencing, and after telling her about how good the shower was she got in there to have one too

At this point I started getting ready for bed but then i got distracted by my crystals sitting on my altar

So I took my bowl of crystals and sat on my lounge room floor with them just admiring each one and listening to what they had to tell me

And I found myself so drawn to my pieces of citrine and all my other warm-toned crystals, especially the golden and yellow ones

Like the yellow felt so good, it’s like I was feeling it with all of my senses at once and it felt so joyous and beautiful and healing

so I took the bowl of crystals back into my room and sat in front of my altar, wrapped this yellow scarf around my head, started playing ocean noises on my laptop, turned all the lights off apart from my yellow moon lamp, and just sat there playing with my pieces of citrine, and arranging all these yellow things on my altar

Then I rubbed lemongrass oil on my hands and the smell went so well with the yellow vibe I had going on

I felt so amazed by my altar and all the pretty things I have, I felt like I had never fully appreciated them up until that point, and I suddenly understood the purpose behind my magical practice

Then Beabe came back and got into bed as we started to wind down

I was telling her all about the yellow and what I was feeling from it, and she was telling me about the stuff she had been experiencing

Then she asked me to get her a pencil and some paper so she could draw me, so I sat on the end of the bed and she lay down and it just looked like she was mindlessly scribbling with the pencil

Then she told me she was done and I lay down and she showed me the picture and this was it

And honestly it’s probably hard to convey how much we were seeing in this one picture, but we stared at it for so long, and we kept finding different faces and textures in the drawing

Then I started tilting it and when it caught the light it somehow looked like it had a mother-of-pearl texture

We kept doing stuff like turning it upside down and sideways and shaking it and every time we did something different, we could see new things in it

Then she told me to close my eyes because she said she could see cool stuff with her eyes closed, so I did, and I was seeing all these DNA strands linking together forming this amazing celtic knotwork

Then I drifted off to sleep

I woke up with a throbbing headache but other than that I felt amazing and I still do, I feel like I learnt so much about myself and the human mind and the world in general last night and honestly going into the experience I was very skeptical and I thought that the claims of magic mushrooms “expanding your mind” were a bit silly but I completely understand it now

I also understand why they call it a trip because I really feel like I’ve been somewhere and travelled and experienced so much

Beabe and I both suffer from depression and we feel way less depressed than usual today which is so good

tl;dr I had an incredible life-changing experience with magic mushrooms last night and I’m so glad I tried it and I’ll definitely be doing it again sometime

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