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An interesting Trip (pardon the pun)

An interesting Trip So about twenty people were all going out to a friend of ours' time share in eastern Washington.

An interesting Trip

So about twenty people were all going out to a friend of ours' time share in eastern Washington. Most of them we knew, others he knew from school out there. It was his 21st birthday and another friend was bringing a half pound of mushrooms. The plan was for everyone to trip, and have a fun time. It didn't exactly turn out that way.

We drove over and we picked up someone we hadn't met. He was really cool and he hadn't done mushrooms before we told him he would love it.

We got there at about 8:30pm when we walked in everyone else had already arrived and were starting to take their shares that our friend was giving away.

We met three people from our buddies school, two guys, one girl. Instantly the girl didn't like me. My friend who owned the place had promised us both the back bedroom, it was the only room with a real bed and I have back problems, he settled it that I would get the bed. I didn't really mind that much but I had been told that I would have it, if I didn't it would mean a trip to the chiropractor and lots of pain. I didn't really want that. She got pissed about it, and made a big scene. She called me a bitch when she didn't think I was in ear shot, her boyfriend didn't care though. He apologized for her behavior when we were alone.

So I went into the other room and closed my eyes. If I was going to have a good trip I needed to not care about that interaction. I decided that I would not be affected by it. I went back out to the kitchen and gave her a smile. My Boyfriend decided to take an 8th, I took about a third of an 8th. So we took our mushrooms and waited. I had a beer and smoked a cigarette. I worried about the fact that the girl told her boyfriend he couldn't trip and the plan was for us all to be tripping.

Things started kicking in about 20 minutes from taking them. I got the giggles, my boyfriend got his "shroom glow' on which I still don't know is a product of my hallucination or if he actually gets this way, but his skin becomes softer more transparent he looks more like a drawing than a person, because everything about his features are soft. several of our friends were feeling it too and we all went out on the lawn. We laid down and watched the stars. It was clear and I watched the stars move and change color.

We all talked and laughed, one of our friends told us he knew how to get rich, he had figured it out then and there. He was stoked. We laughed at how ridiculous he looked, but enjoyed his enthusiasm.

We all realized we were being really loud at the same time and looked around. I soon found myself eye to eye with an old couple looking out their time share window at us. I couldn't help but feel afraid and laugh at the same time. They looked really worried, we passed it off as they were just scared of young people in general, we hoped haha.

I went inside, I looked for the kid that had ridden over with us. I found him, he said he didn't feel anything and he had taken more. I was shocked he hadn't felt anything since it was about an hour since we ate them. he took 2/8th's I knew it was to much.

I wandered around and found myself catching glares from the only other girl in the group. I read her mind, she hated my guts. I started to get a little emotional about all the bad energy that was being sent my way, I went out and smoked a cigarette.

Someone decided we should go swimming in the pool, I got excited I was really coming up now, and that would be amazing. 4 of us went, but only I went in. It was outside, it was dark, the pool was lit though, "Come in!" I said. they all said no, they didn't want to now that they were there. I waded out, it felt great. I swam, it was hard. I decided to dip my head under, I did, instantly I began seeing faces, faces yelling at me, angry, they wanted to hurt me. I started to panic and took a gulp of water, I raised my head above water. Oh my god! That was intense, and terrible. I got out immediately.

We went back to the porch where we smoked another cigarette. Smoking so, many cigarettes...

Someone came outside and as they did the numbers on the wall fell off. I walked over what the hell? I looked at them on the ground I had a steady feeling of the hebby gebbies now and I walked inside, I went to my bedroom, and the girl was in there smoking pot in my bathroom. I waited, I waited, I waited for what seemed like an hour, I left the room to use the other bathroom. I went in and the kid that hadn't felt anything was laying on the floor by the toilet. I asked him if he was ok, he didn't respond. I caught myself in the mirror, and stood there staring at myself for awhile.

I left the room, 5 people came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. Hell yes, I wanted to get out of there.

We walked out on the grass, the hills rolled and the stars and moon light danced off the water. It was amazing. Someone handed me a cell phone. "Hello?" I heard my friend from Minnesota’s voice. "What do you want?" I asked a little to matter of fact I think. He wanted computer help, I laughed at him and hung up the phone. To messed up to help him, he would understand. We walked to another shore, there was sand on that shore and the sand had beautiful sparkles reflecting all over it. I ran my hands through it. We started to hear voices from really far out in the water.. It was two girls laughing. A friend of mine said "It's girls! Lets swim out there!" He started to get in the water, we convinced him to stop, he was to high. suddenly in the shadows people were talking to us from behind. They were talking about the girls too, I was scared. They walked into the moonlight they were frat boys, oh great. I hide myself behind my boyfriend. I didn't want to interact with any one new, I wanted to go in the water now.

They talked about wanting to "score with those chicks" (the girls in the water,) I had forgotten them already. From nowhere another voice came it was a woman, standing in the dark under a tree, she said angrily "Those "CHICKS" are 12!" they were the girls mothers! I grabbed my boyfriend's arm "Lets get out of here!" I whispered. The frat boys laughed and made some comment to the women, I didn't want to be associated, I started walking back across the field it was huge I didn't know it was this big. There looked to be a swamp to the right I avoided it, it was dark and looming. My friends followed me, so did the frat boys. Someone told them we were on mushrooms "Oh No!" they wanted to come back to our condo, everyone was standing in the field. My friend who owned the time share tried to convince them not too, in the mean time one of the frat boys had migrated rather close to me and my boyfriend was not next to me. He said something to me. It took me awhile to process it. Did he just say that?!?! He had used one of the most basic, cheesy pick up lines I had ever heard. I looked at him and laughed in his face. Uh-oh I offended him. He looked away and said he was sorry, I walked away and continued to laugh. they followed us for awhile but then stopped, I don't remember why.

I got back to the condo the kid was still on the floor in the bathroom but he was sitting up this time, staring at the wall. I spoke to him, some one told me he wouldn't talk to anyone, they had tried. I sat down next to him, I tried to put off loving energy. I said can I sit with you? he didn't answer. I asked him if I could help him, he didn't answer. "Can I give you a hug?" He looked over at me with the most timid look I'd ever seen and with his lips tightly shut he nodded, a tear fell from his eye. "Yikes" I thought. I gave him a hug, he cried for awhile, I asked him if he wanted to be alone, he nodded.

I walked into my bedroom, are they still in the bathroom?!?! That girl and her boyfriend were still in the bathroom smoking pot. The bed room was cast in a weird glow the TV was on but it was on a blue screen. I looked around, I jumped on the bed and rolled around for awhile, liking being alone. I looked off the side of the bed, one of my friends was there, he was lying in a ball on the floor. "What's up?" I asked, "nothing" "Bad trip?" "Yeah" "Seems to be how its going tonight" He nodded, "Can I help?" I felt like a baby sitter (Thank god I hadn't taken more myself) I gave him a back rub, he rocked back and forth, He had some real demons he was dealing with. My boyfriend walked into the room, he looked at our friend, I looked at my boyfriend, he gave me a worried look, I gave him the same look back. He took over caring for our friend. I felt like I was on the verge of a really bad trip into my own emotional issues. I felt worn thin, by helping people.

I walked out into the kitchen looked at the clock, 11:58. I went outside smoked a cigarette, talked to someone about feeling like I was losing it, Drank a beer, smoked another cigarette, went back inside, looked at the clock 11:59. What the hell? I was outside for at least 15 minutes. I proclaimed it to my surprised friends, they agreed. Time had stopped. Time had stopped for at least 15 minutes.

Ok, that's strange, uh-oh the girl was sitting on the couch she was laughing at me I knew it, I freakin' knew it, I was getting pissed. I went back to the bedroom, at last I went into the bathroom. Didn't need to use it after all. The wall paper seemed to be peeling away, I felt like I was in a horror movie, in a hotel. I laughed. I walked out to the bedroom.

Boyfriend on the bed, friend on the floor, Boyfriend watching something. I looked up something about Vikings? Yes Viking. I watched, it was really fake, I could tell. I watched the commercials in between and laughed they were so obvious about trying to sway your opinion. I became disgusted with television. More friends came into the room, every one was in the room, except boy in the bathroom, and angry other people I didn't know. Everyone was on the bed.

I wanted to be alone, I rolled over to escape them , hoping they would leave soon so I could sleep it off. I closed my eyes, angry faces. Angry faces, laughing at me accusing me like before. I opened my eyes my boyfriend rubbed my back. Better, Better... I laid awake forever 3 people beside myself and my boyfriend slept on my bed, I was to shy to tell them to leave. Finally the next day the insanity was over, the kid that had lain all night on the bathroom floor was the first one up, he had pissed himself in the night, I didn’t inquire what his trip was like. He was anxious to do mushrooms again.

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