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Is this it?

Not as good as I thought...

This is my first time experimenting with shrooms. An hour ago I ate a big handful of fresh PES Hawaiians, downed half a cup of good scotch, & smoked some pot blended with hash. Thought it would be much better but hey, guess I'll eat more next time. I just feel high in a good way. Nothing visual as I really want to have. Any thoughts?

Just ate some more & thinking all those people I read about today saying they taste like shit & experiencing nausea are probably eating rotten dried out moldy shrooms! Mine taste great, just like fresh store bought mushrooms with a slightly bitter aftertaste. 

At least they grow fast as fuck right? Will check back in in a few months when I've eaten a few lb's.

Well, eventually they did kick in & the experience became a level 4! I'm struggling to change the title or move this post so will continue with a new post in level 4 section entitled "200 Years As The Sun Got Bright".

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