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Level 4 Salvia Trip

Instantly peaking, extraordinarily confused. 1/4 gram dried salvia leaf.

I write this trip report approximately an hour after my fourth salvia trip. I gotta say, this one caught me VERY off guard. 
This plant is very hard to predict from what I can tell so far. That reverse tolerance will get ya. So I underestimated how 
much just the leaf alone can affect your mind. I probably should have had a sitter, just to keep me grounded. My brother 
and his friend were due to arrive at the apartment soon but I wasn't quite sure when. The setting was in my very dark room 
with my ear buds in playing Angels and Airwaves. Figured some cool space rock might steer the trip in an interesting 
direction. Salvia takes you where it wants to take you. 
I put a blindfold on my forehead in preparation to put it over my eyes so that I could get complete darkness. With a 
quarter gram of dried salvia leaf (no extract or enhancements) loaded into my bowl and a torch lighter in hand I ripped 
from my bong, blazing the whole bowl in one go. I reached over to my laptop and started the music then brought the 
blindfold over my eyes and layed on my bed. Little did I know that Salvia was gonna show me what it feels like to begin going 
insane. I don't recall exhaling  but I think I held the smoke for about ten seconds. With this plant there is absolutely no 
sign of a come-up. The only sign is feeling very slightly altered while burning the bowl, then ten seconds later I was gone 
like a light switch. The usage of the word gone is very particular here. I know I could be more gone but up until this 
point in my salvia experience this is the farthest I've ever been. Upon reflection I'd say I made it to level four or V on 
the S-A-L-V-I-A scale. 

I knew I was in my bedroom the whole time but my rational mind left the building. Once I fell off that ledge delirium set 
in. I believe the instant it hit my brain is the very instant I thought I was coming down. Wrong. This is so impossible to 
describe in words without butchering what the experience was actually like. It felt like Salvia had entered the room and 
surrounded me in the very air, physically grabbing hold of me. "You've come back" Salvia said to me with and without words, 
paradoxically. As if I couldn't differentiate what was my own inner voice and what Salvia's voice was. I felt like I was in 
trouble, as if I had broken a big rule as a kid. Perfect way to describe it. I felt like a little kid in front of Salvia. I 
wouldn't say I felt unwelcome but I kinda felt like I was being starkly shown what I had chose to do. "This is Salvia." 
Spoken with feeling and not words. 

I saw electric amoebas dancing across my vision very quickly. I forgot the music was even playing though I was still 
hearing it. It was kinda like I was wondering what the hell was distracting me. I took off the blindfold and sat up. I 
legitimately thought someone had entered the room surrounding me from all sides and every axis. Pure confusion, not fear. 
Attempting to see through the darkness I believe I got caught in a loop here. First time I've ever experienced one. I was 
peering at the wall struggling to figure out what the presence wanted. The visuals I experienced were absolutely foreign to 
me. Never seen anything like it before. It looked and felt like the darkness was trying to drape a totally black blanket 
over me even darker than the room. Holding the blanket were what I can only describe as faint orangish orbs pulling closer 
and closer but never reaching me. I could actually see the blanket draping between where they were holding. It felt like I 
was being grabbed and touched all over by hands though I was so confused I didn't even realize this until minutes later. I 
was so set on making sense of what everyone wanted me to do. The whole time it felt like I was being watched by thousands 
of eyes surrounding me all belonging to the same entity. 

I completely believed my brother and his friend had returned home 
and were waiting for me in the room even though I couldn't see them. There was an urgency in the air. As if I had to answer 
a question that I didn't hear. I believe I spoke to the darkness asking them to repeat the question, over and over. 
Remember even at this point I believed I was closer to baseline than I was to tripping. In reality I was still in the swing 
of it, still terribly confused trying to make sense of it all and have that damn question repeated. That's real delerium. 
Thinking you're normal when you so obviously are not. Finally I managed to pull my earbuds out, I think the whole time I 
was trying to remove them but was constantly interrupted. Without the music my confusion began to quickly subside. I 
listened for the question but soon realized there was none. I turned the light on and finally started getting my mind back. 
My brother and his friend returned home a minute later and were amused when I exclaimed that they were actually here this 
time. I burst out laughing at the coincidence of it. The peak of the trip actually did feel like a few minutes, which it 
was, but those few minutes were the most confusing and weirdest of my whole life. Shrooms make you feel like you're on the 
brink of discovering the secret to everything while to me Salvia seems to choose what it wants. A taste of madness is what 
I was shown this time. 

Just earlier that day she held me with her gentle arms accepting me into her world. That time Salvia was strictly female. 
She spoke to me and showed me so much beauty in the music I was listening to, literally speaking to me through the lyrics. 
I flexed my legs the music sounded so good and laughed uncontrollably, as if I was in on some giant joke only me and her 
were in on. Salvia is an unpredictable being. Still, as unnerving as this trip sounds I still would say it was 
extraordinarily nuetral. I was too confused to be scared about anything. I experience parasomnias such as sleepwalking and 
night terrors and the confusion was almost identical to those without the terror. When I get those it's like having one 
foot in dream world and one foot in the real world and it's very bewildering. Thinking back I'm surprised the darkness 
didn't unnerve me more. Even the electric hands grabbing and sliding up and down my body didn't phase me. Though I will 
likely take a bit of a break from salvia and adjust my dose accordingly, that reverse tolerance really sneaked up on me. 
Remember, Salvia demands respect and she won't hesitate to forcefully make you give it and abide by her rules. 

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