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55g Fresh Psilocybe.. First Trip ever!

First Trip, 55g!!

So my story begins on Tuesday, May 19th. At approximately 6:40pm, I cut up a single mushroom weighing 55g fresh. It was of the strain Orissa India. 

I chopped it up and placed it into a cup of straight lemon juice for about 20 minutes, when I then drank the juice, and ate the shroom chunks.

Laying down in bed listening to Pink Floyd's album , The dark side of the moon,  with my headphones, is where my journey begins! 

00:20 in, I feel a slight euphoria coming on, and can't help but smile, knowing the adventure my first grow is going to take me on.

00:45 I feel as though I'm becoming one with the bed and breathing feels kinda heavy, like I'm being laid on

01:20 I decide to go outside on my balcony and look at the trees, they seem so vibrant green, and appear to be waving and reaching towards me. After smiling like a fool at the trees I began to feel like a weirdo, and go back inside to lay back down.

At this point I kinda stop paying attention to time. As I'm walking out of my bedroom after laying down, I feel like I'm short, and my whole room seems incredible smaller and squished almost. I go to the bathroom to check out my pupils and they seem quite normal. Yet I see my face and shirt look like it's melting, just slightly running and dripping off of me

I begin to watch Planet Earth on Netflix, and see all the animals merging together. I see prarie dogs with antlers, deer with two heads, and half the time I have no idea what I'm looking at. I just kept thinking 'this show if fucking with me', believing the show was meant for people tripping. And actually looked like that, just to mess with trippers. 

Periodically I would think 'what is going on?? Is my life really like this?' Forgetting I had consumed mushies, only to remember moments later. I had a had time remembering normal life and who the people that were texting me were.

Eventually I went back into bed and enjoyed some mild closed eye visuals of mushrooms growing, colorful gears spinning and turning, and other kliedoscopic/colorful images until I eventually returned to almost baseline around 11:45.

All in all, a fantastic trip, and I couldn't have asked for a better first experience!

I have the tub of Orissa India fruiting and a tub of Cambodians colonizing! So there's plenty coming:)

I hope you found this somewhat entertaining, and thanks for reading! Happy shrooming!

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