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4-AcO-DMT (30-40mg oral, 5-10mg nasally)

Amazing experience.

**NOTE: My friend took 25mg orally, I compared my dose to his. I also took more, so it must be between 30-40mg. Same with snorting it, my friend took one bump, we eyeballed it. I took two bumps, 5-10mg.**

-Ill make this trip report quick, and leave out the less important details.

-Instead of saying 4-AcO-DMT, ill say 'mushrooms' because the 4-AcO-DMT molecule is the same as the psilocybin molecule. Think of it as a magic mushroom extract.

*1st Dose*

After 10 minutes of consuming it, I started feeling nauseous (happens to me with psychedelics), then my stomach started hurting. So I went to lie down on my back for 15 mins, just so it can go through my stomach. After that, I felt fine.

The first effects were energetic, happiness, and laughter. I was with two of my other friends, and I was the first to start feeling the effects, they noticed. The first visual I noticed was looking up at the clouds, and seeing them morphing, like they were going into each other. This happened after sitting down for a while and looking at the ground while listening to music. At this point, I knew the trip was about to start. We were at the same location for about 45 mins. I remember a few things from that moment that fascinated me, and this lasted throughout the trip, I had insane HD vision and hearing. There was a song we played that I heard many times before, but this time, I heard the song in a whole new way. I heard parts of the song that I never even knew were there. I heard every single detail of every song and it was just amazingly beautiful. Same with my HD vision, I remember using my phone to open up the Memo app (to type random notes), and I remember seeing my previous Memos (really small font), and reading then easily because it was so clear and HD. [similar to this, https://lh3.ggpht.com/zjpDHMlQC2RrE8DUD8tz-YmkCpSzWxVCuLcUCtlQkkUNUlZgZRsajGRWTin5p6XbrMY=h900]

Before we switched locations, I remember staring at the ground and watching it morph and wave around. When we started walking, while listening to music, I noticed that the color was amplified and more vivid.

For the next few hours, we were just talking a lot about everything. The conversations we had were amazing, deep, and hilarious. Its like we all connected in this odd way.

I also remember reflecting myself, my life, and who I am. I remember thinking that people need to do this once in a while because it will be very beneficial, because we are always distracted by technology and we never have time alone with ourselves, our thoughts.

There was moment when I walked away from my friends so I can be alone for a few mins, it turned out to be 30 mins. I just went to go and sit on a dead tree, just feeling the plants and giving them attention, it was such a peaceful and magical moment. At that moment, I realized why Terence McKenna said that plants have a conscience. I was just thinking about that.

At one point I was thinking about the government, laws, and society. It was a profound experience. This crazy thing happened to me while I was thinking about all of this stuff, which I can't explain. But that's what mushrooms will do to you, I felt like there was a strong connection between me and the mushroom, and I loved the way I would think about everything and how I was looking at everything at a different angle, my opinions about everything were the same, but its like the mushroom expanded my mind to a whole new level.

During the come-up, there were things I would say that were brilliant. Its like when you smoke weed and you say something really smart, something that is so true that no one realizes. Well its the same with mushrooms, but 10x better. I said some of the smartest things I have ever said, same with my friends. I think its because you think completely differently and you have a whole other view on everything.

*2nd Dose*

I'm not too sure when I took my 2nd dose, but ill assume its around this time. The reason I took more was to see more visuals, which were not that strong at first (same thing happened when I did 2.2g of mushrooms). The reason I chose to snort it was because the effects would not last long, and it would come up quick. Snorting 4-AcO-DMT did not burn at all, I remember comparing it flour, I never snorted flour, but I would think that's what flour would feel like (one of my friend's asked, "you snorted flour?" then we all laughed really hard for a minute). The first bump was easy, but the second bum was a little bigger and I felt it in my nostril, I kept on inhaling to make it go through.

But the 'strong' visuals I was expecting never came. They would only come if I focused on something. I remember staring at a plant, then it got intense, it was like all the plants behind it were moving forward and the plants beside it were coming down the middle, it was all creating this green color that was changing between light and dark green. It all ended once I stopped focusing.

When the trip was over, I had a headache, this happens to me whenever I take mushrooms. I woke up with a mild headache in the morning which lasted around 30 mins.

So this was my trip report on the 4-AcO-DMT. Personally, I believe this was a turning point in my life (which will lead to more mushroom trips), there was much more to the trip, but its just too hard to explain. Ill have a 0.001mg scale by the next time I use this chemical. Ill slightly increase the dose, and Ill have a precise dose.

-On Erowid, the strong dose for 4-AcO-DMT is 25+mg, I took much more, but some people can have a powerful trip with only 3/4 of what I took.

*Overall trip rating: 8.1/10*

TLDR: Overall it was a great trip, lots of laughs, deep conversations, insane HD vision, and HD hearing, everything was beautiful. Profound experience. Overall trip rating: 8.1/10.

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